Special to the Journal/Perry Township police At 9:57 p.m. Thursday, police conducted a traffic stop in the 400 block of Benton Road for an equipment violation. After an investigation involving the highway patrol, Taylor L. West of Columbiana was arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments and she was transported to the county jail. Police also located possible narcotics in the vehicle that will be sent for testing.

County Sheriff

— Deputies responded to a domestic dispute between Daniel L. Smelser, 37, Maple Street, Rogers, and Lucretia A. Gotschall, 35, same address, at 4:20 a.m. Sunday, but neither party wished to press charges.

— Deputies were called to a home on Cunningham Road, Salem Township, at 9:44 p.m. Friday, where Jenna Hoffman and Sandra Messenger had reportedly gotten into a fight when Hoffman showed up to pick up her child for visitation. Messenger said the child could not go with Hoffman because the child was grounded.

— Erica E. Rohm, 26, was on Clewell Drive at Guilford Lake at 6:42 p.m. Friday attending a practice involving her husband’s son when his ex-wife, Katherine Robb, arrived and started calling her vulgar names. Rohm said she ignored Robb until Robb began taking photographs which is when she decided to call the sheriff’s office. Robb told deputies she overheard the phone call and none of it was true. The two have been the subject of prior reports and were told by deputies to obtain a protection order against the other.

— Aleasha R. McKee, 30, Dunn Road, Madison Township, reported Saturday someone used her debit to make the following purchases: $642 and $351 at the Lowes in Youngstown on Tuesday; $3.29 at the Dairy Queen, $12 at Sbarro’s and $7.80 at Lowes, all on Thursday; and $1,350 at AES Rides Safely on Friday,

— A deputy was on patrol on state Route 9 in Perry Township at 9:31 p.m. Friday when he came across a 56-year-old woman standing beside a truck crying and yelling. The woman said she was tired of getting yelled at by her husband so she jumped out of the truck while it was stopped. The husband confirmed that is what occurred.

— Jerry Eakin of Rocky Gardens Landscaping, Westville Lake Road, Beloit, reported Friday two Stihl backpack blowers were stolen from a trailer.

— A house alarm went off at 14426 East Liverpool Road, Madison Township, at 3:54 a.m. Saturday, and the responding deputy checked the residence and everything was fine.

— William Lucas reported there was a suspicious motor vehicle on Misty Morning Lane in Beloit at 3:48 a.m. Sunday. The responding deputy checked the area but did not locate the vehicle.

Highway Patrol

— Kenneth L. Wilson, 35, of Paris, was driving on state Route 11 in Fairfield Township at 3:12 p.m. Tuesday when he struck a large piece of metal, which damaged the front bumper of his pickup truck, front and rear tire and undercarrage, as well as the trailer he was pulling with a lawn mower in it.

— Raymond D. Pettigrew, 62, Endley Road, Lisbon, was cited for failure to yield from a stop sign while exiting from state Route 11 onto state Routes 7/267 in Madison Township on April 18. His vehicle was struck by a vehicle being driven by Gary L. Lutton, 40, Dewey Avenue, East Liverpool.

— Benjamin K. Peters, 34, McCormick Run Road, Wellsville, was cited for left of center after striking a vehicle operated by Larry D. Everett, 56, East Liverpool Road, Lisbon, while trying to turn onto McCormick Run Road from state Route 518 at 11:28 a.m. Aug. 19.

— Semi-truck driver William M. Smith, 46, of Deerfield, was cited for driving left of center when the wide load, over 13-feet wide, he was hauling struck a FedEx truck going the other direction on U.S. Route 30 in West Township at 6 p.m. Tuesday. The FedEx driver was Jesse D. Wojtoich, 30, of Hinkley.

— Wanda D. Blaner, 62, East Liverpool Road, Lisbon, was driving on East Liverpool Road in Madison Township at 3 p.m. Wednesday when she started to turn into a driveway and the vehicle behind passed her and struck her vehicle before fleeing the scene.

— Timothy R. Foster, 25, Bell School Road, East Liverpool, was cited for OVI and failure to control after he wrecked while driving through Beaver Creek State Park at 3:42 a.m. Aug. 18. Foster, who had a blood-alcohol of .242, went off Echo Dell Road and struck a tree stump.

— Jennifer L. Weingart, 22, state Route 45, Salem and Brent A. Rose, 52, of Hammondsville, crashed into each other at the intersection of state Route 173 and U.S. Route 62 in Perry Township at 7:20 p.m. Thursday. Neither were cited because of conflicting accounts of what happened. Both were taken by ambulance to separate hospitals with non-incapacitating injuries.


— John Kimple, Bell Avenue, reported Thursday a window was broken out of his vehicle.

— The police department’s dog was used to sniff for drugs at a traffic stop somewhere in town involving an unknown motorist at 1:57 a.m. Thursday. Nothing came of the drug sniff, however.

— An official at Columbiana Foundry called at 1:11p.m. Saturday because there was an ATV rider on their property and they wanted the rider charged with trespassing. No charges were filed, however.

— Peyton M. Wolfe, 19, of East Palestine, was cited for driving under suspension, driving with expired registration and possessing marijuana following a traffic stop on South Main Street at 6:44 p.m. Saturday.

Perry Township

— Police assisted Salem police at 8:29 p.m. Friday with a traffic stop in the 700 block of West State Street involving a large amount of seized narcotics and currency.

— At 8:56 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 1000 block of Jones Drive for a report of possible gun shots in the area and were unable to locate the source.

— At 9:21 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 500 block of Brittany Lane for a report of drug paraphernalia that was found. Police took custody of it and it was destroyed.

— Police attempted a traffic stop for speeding at 12 a.m. Friday in the 1500 block of Newgarden Avenue and police observed the vehicle pull into a garage and close door at 1585 Newgarden Avenue. An officer attempted to make contact through the man door to the detached garage and observed a male peek out the door and then close it. He would not open the door and the officer made contact with the father of male at the residence and he opened the door. Police took David T. Penezich into custody for obstruction of official business. He was also cited for speed and taken to the county jail.

— At 12:22 p.m. Friday, police responded to the bypass at North Ellsworth Avenue after receiving a report of metal debris on the roadway. Police checked the area and did not locate any debris.

— Police were contacted by a school official at St. Paul School at 9:34 a.m. Friday to check on two students who failed to show up on opening day. The school was concerned after failing to get any response from the mother. Police made contact with her and advised her to contact the school.

— At 12:59 a.m. Friday, police responded to the 1100 block of West Perry Street for a report of shots fired. The complainant advised she heard a single gunshot behind where she lived. Police checked the area behind the apartment complex along with the side streets and were unable to locate anything.

— At 6 a.m. Friday, police responded to the 1500 block of Grant Street to check on the well being of a woman. A third-party caller advised she was arguing with her husband and she said she was fine and nothing domestic took place. Police found her to be fine.

— Police responded to the 600 block of Michigan Boulevard at 8:17 p.m. Thursday and found that a semi-truck passing through had brought lines down. The Perry Township Fire Department stood by while Ohio Edison fixed the lines.

— Police responded to a report of a two-vehicle accident with injuries at 8:02 p.m. Thursday at the U.S. 62 bypass (West State). The highway patrol was on the scene with the driver of one vehicle needing to be extricated. The highway patrol handled the accident with officers, including Salem police, controlling traffic.

Hancock County arrests

Edward Wayne Howell, 60, Weirton, sex abuse first degree (two counts)

Michelle Lynn Cheney, 32, Stevenson Road, Chester, capias.

Alexis Nicole Keller, 22, Grant Street, Newell, possession of controlled substance, OVI (first offense).

Seth Roderick Patton, 29, Coolidge Street, Newell, reckless driving.

Bryan Dale Jeffries, 29, Middle Run Road, Newell, domestic battery.

Dawn Marie Chafins, 33, Jefferson Street, Newell, disorderly conduct, obstructing (resisting).

Chad Scott Bauer, 37, Pineview Street, New Cumberland, domestic battery.

Steven Paul Midcup, 25, Weirton, warrant (domestic battery).

Brittany Ann Gibson, 29, Follansbee, W.Va., fugitive warrant.


— At 8:03 p.m. Friday, police in the 700 block of West State Street made a traffic stop. The K-9 alerted and a search was made with suspected marijuana recovered. A female officer conducted a pat-down of two female occupants and recovered drug paraphernalia containing suspected illegal narcotics. The driver, Kyra L. Graham, lka 325 S. Ohio Ave., Sebring, was cited for possession of marijuana and sent on her way. Hope M. Steed, lka 226 Vine Ave., Apt. 12, Salem, was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and taken to the county jail. Possible additional charges are pending the results of lab tests.

An officer responded to the complainant’s residence in the 400 block of East Perry Street to speak with the wife in regard to the incident. She advised she was going to physically harm the victim because she was now dating her husband. The complainant and the victim arrived at the residence and the wife had to be detained to stop a physical alteration from taking place. Dana M. Cornell, 470 E. Perry St., was charged with menacing and taken to the county jail.

— At 6:39 p.m. Friday, police in the 200 block of East Second observed a person driving who was known to have a suspended license. The driver failed to comply after being stopped and contraband was located in the vehicle and on the driver. Charges of possessing drug paraphernalia and drug abuse instrument were filed and Michael W. Hover Jr., 673 E. 3rd St., Salem, was taken to the county jail.

— At 11:11 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 1100 block of East State Street where they pulled a motorist over into a business parking lot for a failure to reinstate suspension. Police made a voluntary search and found three open containers. David A. Miley, 39 Main St., Leetonia, was cited for an open container.

— Police responded to the 600 block of East Perry Street at 2:34 a.m. Saturday for a suspicious vehicle with two people in a loud argument and met with a male outside of the house. He advised a former girlfriend and her friend were having issues and a verbal argument. The former girlfriend then went to her vehicle where she felt safer while both males were arguing. A third male who was trying to speak with the female involved took off in his vehicle. There were no threats of violence and no one was hurt. The officer advised both people at the residence to call police should the man return.

— At 2 a.m. Sunday, police responded to the 400 block of South Broadway where several subjects were trying to start fights with other people. They were gone when police arrived.

— Police responded to the 500 block of Franklin Avenue at 1:39 a.m. Sunday where the complainant advised that beer bottles were thrown onto the road from a passing vehicle. Police removed them. A man said it was a dark-colored vehicle and the occupants do this every weekend in an attempt to hit the speed limit sign.

— At 12:30 a.m. Sunday, police were flagged by a female on East State Street who advised a male was following her as she was walking home. He had already turned around. Police located the man and he understood she didn’t want to associate with him.

— Police responded to the 1100 block of Orchard Bend at 11:23 p.m. Saturday where an intoxicated female fell and hit her head. Police stood by with medical personnel until no longer needed.

— At 8:27 p.m. Saturday, police responded to Highland and Third Street regarding a person with a metal detector and a shovel. He advised he was walking along the sidewalk looking for change. He was advised not to dig up any property.

— At 8:14 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 2900 block of East Third where the complainant advised of a person in the store feeling dizzy and tried to keep them there. Police located the person operating a vehicle in the parking lot. He advised he was OK.

— At 7:49 p.m. Saturday, a police K-9 unit detail assisted multiple agencies in conducting a free-air sniff of a vehicle at state Route 170 and County Road 432 where the dog did alert to a narcotic odor and also at state Route 170 and Quay Road where the dog did not alert.

— At 8:57 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 1000 block of North Lincoln Avenue where the complainant advised about people parking in Hope Cemetery who were attending a sporting event and it would interfere with cemetery business that day. The complainant was advised that private property is not enforceable unless it’s a handicap or fire- lane issue. Police attempted to locate contact information on the owner of the vehicle but were unable to do so. Police advised that property owners do have the option of having vehicles towed away from private property.

— Police on patrol in the 1100 block of East State Street at 10:25 p.m. Friday observed individuals run into the road from the south to the north and back. The area is not well lit and they were difficult to see. Police spoke to a group of juveniles and one acknowledged he ran onto the road to remove a rock from the westbound lane. Police requested the person avoid doing that due to the danger of them being struck by a moving vehicle.

— Police responded to the South Broadway and East Pershing area at 3:36 p.m. Friday and met with a male subject acting very excited and could only ask where he could find WiFi. He was just released from jail earlier. An officer advised him to stay out of traffic and not act up while walking on the sidewalk and he said he understood. Police were called back five minutes later and he was advised the next time an officer had to handle him again it could end up differently. He said he was going to the library.

— At 11:44 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 1800 block of Cleveland Street for a loud juvenile complaint. Police were unable to locate anyone and a resident who came out after observing police said she didn’t hear anything.

— At 10:24 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 100 block of East Third where the home owner was advised they were being loud and said he understood.

— Police responded to the 100 block of North Broadway at 9:58 p.m. Saturday to check for a man the complainant believed stole his phone while in another agency’s jurisdiction. Police were unable to locate the person.

— At 9:16 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the Union and Third Street area regarding a reckless operation complaint. The vehicle was located at a residence and the driver was advised of the complaint. The driver appeared to be OK and not impaired.

— Police responded to the 2800 block of East State at 6:58 p.m. Saturday where the store manager advised a former employee was harassing the business with email by making threats and using vulgar language. Police will contact the person.

— At 6:23 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 1200 block of East Sixth where a street lamp lens and bezel had fallen and shattered on the street. It appeared that tree limbs had cause the fixture to fall. A note was left for the street department and the city electrician.

— Police responded to the 300 block of East Sixth Street at 6:16 p.m. Saturday where a female complainant advised her friend’s girlfriend hit her in the face on state Route 172 near Guilford Lake. She was advised to contact the sheriff’s office. An officer provided her with information.

— At 6:04 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 500 block of Walnut Street where the complainant advised that a person, who did not live at the residence, told her to leave or he would physically harm her. He and two others at the residence advised he never made the statements. The complainant, who didn’t live at the residence, left. They were advised to come to the police department to make statements later it they wanted due to all of them having consumed alcoholic beverages.

— At 5:18 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 400 block of East Third for a missing bike. The officer knew the bike was at the police station as recovered property. The complainant was advised to claim it.

— At 6:17 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 1900 block of East State where traffic cones were tipped over in the eastbound lane, blocking it. Police removed them.

— At 7:18 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 400 block of East School Street for a person to be removed. The complainant advised a man, who was not a resident, was trying to enter. Police advised the man and he left.

— At 9:09 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 400 block of North Ellsworth for a neighbor dispute over keys and a dog. The parties were separated.

— At 9:44 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 200 block of East Sixth where the complainant advised her estranged husband, who didn’t reside with her, took her new air conditioner. She showed proof of purchase. The husband came back and returned it. He was advised he wasn’t welcome at the residence without her permission.

— At 10:51 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 600 block of Franklin Avenue where the complainant had located a Mastercard. Police contacted the owner to return it.

— At 11:31 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 2300 block of East State for a well-being check on a tractor-trailer. It was not occupied.

— At 12:14 p.m. Saturday, police a complainant from North Ellsworth was on station about possible drug use outside the city. An officer advised the proper jurisdiction would be notified.

— Police responded to the 1400 block of Maple Street at 12:25 p.m. Saturday, where the complainant was in Centennial Park with a dog and he and an ex-friend had been in some trouble and were not to be around each other per court order. He advised another friend told him the male in question was coming to the park to start a problem and the complainant left the area so there would be no problem.

— At 1:06 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 100 block of East Third where the complainant was advised to contact the jurisdiction in which cell phone was taken from him.

— At 4:18 p.m. Saturday, a complainant was on station and given a report number for a fraud that occurred outside the city.

— At 4:04 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 300 block of Rose Avenue regarding a breaking and entering in progress and the complainant heard someone attempting to open her front door and saw several subjects outside her residence. Police checked the area and were unable to locate anything.

— Police on patrol in the area of Rose and East Third at 4:28 a.m. Saturday stopped a group of suspicious males possibly involved in a breaking and entering attempt. Police spoke with two of them and after an investigation did not believe they were involved.

— At 2:18 p.m. Saturday, police responded to the 1200 block of Cedar Ridge for a power outage. The complainant advised they heard a loud bang. Ohio Edison was advised.

— At 12:55 a.m. Saturday, police assisted Goshen Township police with a breath test for an OVI.

— At 12:02 a.m. Saturday, police made a traffic stop on East Wilson Street after receiving a report of a possible intoxicated driver. A highway patrol unit nearby advised it field tested the driver before arresting them for OVI. A breathalyzer was administered at the Salem Police Department where citations were issued.

— At 11:46 p.m. Friday, police on patrol in the N. Lincoln Avenue and E. 5th Street area heard several people yelling at the rear of the apartment in the 700 block of E. 5th Street. Police contacted four people in a disagreement. There were no threats or violence.

— At 11:30 p.m. Friday, police responded to the Sharp Avenue and Arch Street area for a report of reckless operation by a dark sedan that left traveling at a high rate of speed, westbound on Arch Street with no lights on and through the stop sign without stopping. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

— At 11:25 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 900 block of East State Street where a motorist in a silver Chevy Impala drove off without paying for $12.52 in gas.

— Police responded to the Woodland Avenue and East State Street area at 11:19 p.m. Friday for a report of an intoxicated driver in a silver Chevy Cruze southbound on Woodland. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

— Police assisted the highway patrol at 9:49 p.m. Friday at state Route 14 and Egypt Road with the K-9 unit. The dog did alert and a search of the occupant revealed two syringes on the person. Police stood by until the trooper concluded the investigation.

— Police responded to the 1500 block of Newgarden Avenue at 9:35 p.m. Friday to assist Perry Township police locate a person who fled on foot. The person was located and taken into custody.

— Police responded to the Orchard and Cherry streets area at 9:07 p.m. Friday where a strong odor of marijuana was detected. Police located the source and people there admitted to recently smoking it. They were advised to cease and would be cited the next time.

— At 8:50 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 900 block of Jones Drive where the complainant said they heard shots south of the residence. Police were unable to locate the source.

— Police responded to the 100 block of South Lincoln Avenue at 7:38 p.m. Friday regarding a civil matter.

— Police received a complaint on station at 6:57 p.m. Friday regarding a person to be removed. The complainant advised that he and his wife are separated and he was now seeing the victim. He advised his wife, who has moved out of his residence in June, was now there waiting for him and the victim because she wanted to physically harm the victim.

— Police responded to the 900 block of Wilson Street at 6:08 p.m. Friday for an unruly juvenile complaint where the mother advised the juvenile was acting out and had behavioral issues. The juvenile was transported to the hospital.

— Police responded to the 500 block of West Eighth Street at 5:35 p.m. Friday, regarding a child custody dispute. An officer advised the complainant of the options.

— At 2:10 p.m. Friday, police responded to the 1900 block of E. State Street for a reckless operation complaint and were unable to locate the vehicle.

— Police responded to the 1000 block of Cleveland Street at 2:27 p.m. Friday to check on a juvenile with a warrant at the request of juvenile probation. The juvenile was taken into custody and released to a deputy sheriff.