East Liverspool

— Employees at Giant Eagle on Bradshaw Avenue reported a man acting suspiciously, coming in and out of the store without buying anything, moving his car around in the parking lot and getting in and out of the vehicle, walking around the block. Officers found the man, Robert W. Kennedy, 19, no address listed, walking toward the store from Minerva Street and asked if he had anything illegal. He pulled out a digital scale which he told officers a friend had just handed him when he walked around the block, saying he had no use for it. Kennedy gave officers consent to search his vehicle, and they reported finding a pill bottle containing several baggies with marijuana residue inside. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia-marijuana.

— Dawna M. Wright, 46, no address listed, told police a new debit card was delivered to her home and her son took it and emptied her bank account. She said he admitted taking the card but could not return it since it is at a friend’s house. She was advised to see the law director about filing charges.

— Antonio Ponziani, 28, no address listed, reported that, for three nights, unwanted people had come to his apartment, wanting various amounts of money they claim us owed to them by a woman he identified for officers. The first two nights, Ponziani gave money to the people, but the third person demanded $600, saying he would otherwise kidnap and kill the woman. He told the man to get out and not come back. Ponziani told officers he does not know the man or where he is from.

— Leon Rubin, W. Fourth Street, reported returning home after an extended absence to find the house had been broken into, apparently by cutting a screen on a window. He reported all drawers and cupboards ransacked, a television and possibly jewelry taken.

— An Avondale resident reported neighbors had moved out and left behind a dog locked in a cage which had been without food and water for five days. Officers looked through a window and saw the dog in a cage. Finding a door not locked, they went inside and contacted the dog warden, who was sending someone to retrieve the little dog to take it to the dog pound.

— At the request of a Walmart manager, officers went to a Grove Alley residence to check on an employee who had reported off work because he had also possibly sent a suicidal message to another employee. Finding a door open, officers went inside but no one was home.

— Officers responded to a Wellsville residence to take a report about a possible sexual assault that occurred on Pennsylvania Avenue in the city. They gathered information from the father and spoke to the child.

— Officers were dispatched to First Avenue to remove an intoxicated man, who was transported to a friend’s home.

— An officer reported seeing a man walking south on St. Clair Avenue drinking from a can he suspected was beer. The man turned when he saw the cruiser and walked the opposite direction, placing the can at the side of a downtown bar and sitting on the ground. He was identified as Norman Bender, 44, no address listed, who officers said appeared to have been assaulted, with blood on his face. He declined to give information about the assault or to accept medical attention. He was charged with open container in public and transported to Wellsville.

— Candace M. Thompson, Alpha Street, reported her son’s bicycle missing from her porch. A child said another neighborhood child had stolen it.

— Responding to reports of people riding a four-wheeler on Smithfield Street, officers located it in a yard and told the riders to put it away. It was loaded onto their truck.

— Amy Fielder, no address listed, reported leaving her purse at home while she went to Giant Eagle, taking just her wallet. When she returned home, Fielder found the window air conditioner lying on the ground and discovered six rings, a bottle of Aderall and $85 missing from her purse.

— Officers responded to reports that a young woman had left a residence possibly with a knife after making suicidal threats. They located the 20-year-old woman, who denied threatening to hurt herself, saying she had had an argument with her parents. She was patted down with no weapons found.

— Chelsea Stoffen and Chris Valentine were walking on Maine Boulevard when a woman in a passing vehicle threw a partially-full Pepsi can, striking their child’s stroller, nearly hitting the child. They did not know the woman’s name but knew she lived in Woodland Hills.

— Logan D. Miller, Bradshaw Avenue, reported a man to whom he owes money came to his residence and confronted him. There was no assault or property damage, and the other man was advised by officers to leave and not return to Miller’s property.

— Cheyenne Weyand, 21, no address listed, came to the police station to file charges regarding a custody matter and was advised she would have to see the law director. It was discovered there was an outstanding warrant for Weyand, who was taken into custody by East Liverpool Municipal Court bailiff Don Fickes and taken to court.

— A woman wearing no shoes was reported to be looking into cars on Bradshaw Avenue. Officers checked the woman, who was dirty and possibly homeless but lucid. She was sent on her way.

St. Clair Township

— Brenda K. Hanna, Sidehill Road, reported receiving a credit card bill for an account she never had. It was reported as fraudulent activity and the account was closed.

— Officers responded as back-up for a patrol trooper searching a vehicle on St. Clair Avenue at McCoy Avenue. No other details were reported.

— Tammy J. Manley, 19, no address listed, reported that, while at the Memorial Day car show, a woman she knows started walking toward her, yelling at her. She wanted a report on file.

— Officers responded to reports of a woman cursing at spectators near McGuffey Drive during the Memorial Day fireworks display, but they were unable to locate her.

— Lisa A. Salyers, 37, Church Street, reported harassment by a male who has threatened to show up at her house. She was advised the process for obtaining a protection order and told to call if he does show up.

— Russell White, Maple Drive, reported receiving several harassing phone calls from his brother. Officers attempted to call his brother, to no avail.

— Ashley Metzar, Purinton Avenue, reported her ex-boyfriend had a friend leave a bag of marijuana and a 24-ounce bottle of Twisted Tea in her vehicle. She received a text from an unknown person, saying she had a present in her car and she found the items, after which she called police.

— Brooke Lang, Echo Dell Road, reported a man she knows took her phone and left following an argument. She told police she just wanted to leave with her kids.

— An officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle after seeing it turn onto Bell School Road from Echo Dell Road without a turn signal and reported smelling marijuana from inside. Passenger Jeremy Yeager reportedly said he had smoked some marijuana awhile before getting into the car, and the driver, Spencer D. Alford, 24, denied having any in the vehicle. K-9 officer Noras was brought by Patrolman Josh Jackson and alerted on the vehicle, according to reports. Marijuana drug paraphernalia was reportedly found in the center console, with a cigarette containing marijuana and a clear plastic baggie containing marijuana also found. Alford claimed the items as his and he was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to signal. Reports included no addresses for Alford or Yeager, who was not charged.

— Joseph Cataldo, no address listed, reported he loaned his truck for a couple of hours to a woman he knows April 24 and, as of June 1, it still had not been returned, despite numerous attempts to contact her. According to reports, since more than 30 days have passed, it is now considering a stolen vehicle.

— Sydney K. Dawson, 20, no address listed, reported being stalked by her ex-boyfriend.

— Richard Mann, Echo Dell Road, told officers he was going to cut a neighbor’s grass when another person came out and threatened to kill him if he cut it.

— Officers responded to the Echo Dell Mobile Home Park for an argument between Robin Kessler and Keith Graham. Kessler said Graham was riding a four-wheeler and he wasn’t allowed to have it on the property, causing an argument to ensue. Graham said he was putting the four-wheeler away when Kessler came onto the property, yelling at him. Nothing physical occurred, according to reports.

— An officer stopped a vehicle on Foulks Drive for a loud exhaust and reported smelling marijuana coming from inside. A bag on the center console reportedly held suspected marijuana, a grinder and a digital scale with marijuana residue on it, all claimed by passenger Tanya E. Powell, 29. She was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The driver, Gary Ridgley, no age or address listed, was issued a warning for the loud exhaust. Reports listed no address for Powell.

— Tasha M. Stephens, 28, no address listed, reported her ex-boyfriend stalking her.

— Thelma A. Green, Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, reported identity theft.

— While northbound on Annesley Road near North Street, Charles A. Marshall, 32, Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, lost control of his motorcycle, which flipped over, ejecting him. According to reports, he could not remember what happened, but there were skid marks visible coming down the hill in the bike’s path until it flipped over. He was transported by North Star Critical Care Ambulance to St. Elizabeth Medical Center.


— Lisbon police informed village police on Wednesday a vehicle may be coming their direction and the driver has a warrant from Minerva police. Salineville police stopped the vehicle on state Route 39 at Haiti Road and Lacey Bramhall, 39, was taken into custody on a warrant for passing bad checks. She was turned over to the Minerva police.