Highway Patrol

— Sydney P. Huffnagle, 24, Salem Grange Road, Salem, was eastbound on Salem Grange Road in Salem Township at 5:51 p.m. Sunday and went off the left side into a utility pole and a tree. She was cited for failure to control and taken to the SRMC with non-life-threatening injuries.


— Police were called to the Kendall House off state Route 154 at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, where resident Kevin Cris was upset and causing a disturbance because he felt he was not receiving the proper medication. Cris said he just wanted to go to his father’s house, so police remained until he gathered his belongings and medication and left in his own vehicle.

— Police were called to Applegrove Apartments at 7:49 pm. Saturday because a female resident was feeling lonely and worried about her cat, which was sick. Police calmed the woman down and told her to get in contact with her caseworker on Monday about becoming involved group activities, and she had an appointment the same day for a veterinarian to see her cat.

— Ashleigh Ault was cited for assured cleared distance after she drove into the rear of a vehicle operated by Catherine Yergin at the intersection of East Lincoln Way and Jackson Street at 5:34 p.m. Thursday. Ault said he foot slipped off the brake pedal, causing her vehicle to travel forward.

— Arthur J. Sheck Jr. of Dover was in his vehicle sitting in traffic on North Market Street at Chestnut Street when he was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Dylan J.U. Royer, of West Lincoln Way, at 8:39 a.m. Friday. Minor damage resulted.

— Michelle Sims, Cannons Mill Road, Wellsville, reported she was driving on East Lincoln Way in her company truck when she struck a pothole, damaging a tire. There had been raining that day and the pothole was filled with water, making it difficult to determine its severity.

— Mike Lewis, Pritchard Avenue, called at 11:33 pm. Feb. 13 and he wanted his adult son to leave because he had been drinking again. Mike Lewis Jr. said his father started on him as soon as he walked in the door. Lewis Jr. agreed to leave for the night to defuse the situation.

— Police were called to the home of John Harold, West Spruce Street, at 4:55 p.m. Feb. 13 because his soon-to-be ex-wife showed up to retrieve her property. Harold gave her two baskets of clothing and police told her she needed to contact her attorney about retrieving the rest of the property.

East Palestine

— Police responded to a domestic call at a North James Street home at 9:34 a.m. Sunday. Samantha Hill, 24, and Jeremy Mascher, 39, were both charged with domestic violence.

— An East Taggart Street business owner reported theft from his business at 10:41 a.m. Sunday. An investigation is pending.

— Brian Festa, East Main Street, reported at 10:44 a.m. Sunday a man he knows was knocking on his door and harassing him.

— Ben Mahon reported at 3:33 p.m. Sunday he had been followed into the village by a man on a motorcycle who he knows.

— A woman reported at 7 p.m. Saturday the mirror on her van was damaged while parked on East Rebecca Street.

— Donald Cochran was stopped for a traffic violation on North Market Street at 11 p.m. Saturday near the PNC Bank at 11 p.m. Saturday. He was cited for plate light and passengers Terry Hughes and Gloria Lykens were cited for no seat belt and open container. Lykens was arrested for falsification after giving a false name and date of birth. She was also found to have outstanding warrants for her arrest out of the county and was taken to the county jail.


— Jeannette Stecker, West Park Avenue, reported at 5 p.m. Monday her wallet was taken out of her vehicle sometime during the night.


— An officer responded to a Center Street home at 1:01 p.m. Friday in reference to a fraud report, but found that the complainant was not at home and made the report from her vehicle while driving. A man at the residence said he was unaware of the issue, but provided the officer some information the complainant had written on a piece of paper regarding a law firm. The complainant told dispatch she would stop by the station to file the report, but never showed up.

— Officers responded to an alarm activation at the water plant on St. Peter’s Church Street at 4:02 p.m. Friday and found the back door ajar. Officers secured the door.

— An officer responded to a 100 block Main Street home at 1:39 a.m. Saturday in reference to a 911 hang-up call and was met by a male resident who was intoxicated. There appeared to be a hole punched in the wall and the resident slowly became agitated with questioning. A second officer responded to assist and, after speaking with the man’s wife, they determined that no physical violence occurred. The wife, who had also been drinking, said she had grown tired of her husband’s behavior and attempted to call 911 when he took the phone away. She did not wish to press charges.

— James Douglas Reed, 42, Quaker City, Ohio was cited for driving under suspension and speeding following a traffic stop on Columbia Street at Cherry Street at 9:29 a.m. Sunday.

— A Walnut Street resident reported at 1:18 p.m. Sunday that she had filed for divorce and wanted her husband out of the house. She was advised that the matter is civil and to contact legal counsel. The resident then stated her husband has tendencies toward physical violence and had threatened her life during an argument the prior day. She was advised to contact police if she is concerned for her safety.

— An officer responded to a 700 block Columbia Street home at 9:18 p.m. Sunday where the resident reported the neighbor’s dogs are always in his yard, interfering with his dogs. The neighbor was advised of the village’s law against dogs at large.

East Liverpool

— An officer was sitting stationary on West Eighth Street when he reported seeing a vehicle with no front license plate and followed it onto state Route 11 northbound. He said the driver and passenger were seen handing each other items inside the vehicle, which traveled over the white line on the right side, and he initiated a traffic stop. He reported a strong odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle and said the driver, Tyrell Travers, 20, Clover Avenue, Wellsville, said there was none inside, although they had smoked some earlier. He and his passenger, Antonio M. Fultz, 22, Clark Avenue, Wellsville, were asked to step from the vehicle. Officers reported Travers smelled of marijuana and ultimately pulled two bags of marijuana from the front of his pants. They seized $340 in cash from Travers and $2,473 in cash from Fultz, who said he worked for a recording studio when asked why he was carrying so much money. He told officers half was his and he was holding the other half for Travers, according to reports. Travers was charged with possession of marijuana and failure to display plates.

— Officers were advised of a man staggering in and out of the roadway on Lisbon Street while drinking beer. They arrived and found Michael F. Earich, 44, Lisbon Street, who told them he had outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants and asked if he could quickly finish his beer since he was already in trouble for it and was already pretty drunk. The officer took the beer, dumped it out and charged Earich with disorderly conduct/public intoxication and open container in public.

— After seeing a vehicle parked, running, on First Avenue with lights on and fogged up windows, an officer found the license plate had expired in October. He reported Michael L. Brown, 50, Putnam Street, repeatedly told him he didn’t drive the vehicle but was just sitting in it, waiting for a friend to get back. When asked for his license and registration, Brown reportedly reached underneath the seat, where the officer saw a glass crack pipe. He began to search the vehicle and found a female, Linda M. McKinnon, 24, Russett Lane, curled up in the rear hatch area. She had a bulge in her pants and pulled out a crack pipe, officers reported. Front seat passenger John “Bird” Thompson Jr., 28, St. Clair Avenue, was moving around and playing on his phone and officer reported finding a bottle of liquor under his seat and a crack pipe alongside the center console. All three were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers reported that McKinnon advised them they were waiting for Brown to go in and buy crack cocaine for all of them to smoke, saying he was going to buy $30 worth and, in return, he wanted sex from her but she planned to “ditch” Brown and not have sex with him after smoking the crack. She said officers stopped them before he could purchase the drugs. While searching Brown, officers reported finding $30 in his pocket separate from his wallet.

— Called for an unknown disturbance to a Wilbert Avenue apartment, officers were advised that Cheyenne Davis, 20, was intoxicated and trying to assault her juvenile sister. They reported this was the third time this week Davis had acted out with violence. She was found in her room, highly intoxicated and being loud and said she was verbally abusive and cursing at officers. Davis reportedly admitted to drinking a half pint of whiskey and was charged with prohibitions.

— Officers responded to reports of a man down on Walnut Street, where they reported finding Jody L. Smith, 57, no address listed, on his back and unable to communicate with them. He was eventually able to tell them he was at the bar, drinking iced tea but wasn’t sure how he got on the sidewalk, then told them he was trying to catch “four meeces” off a plank but they were too fast and got away, and he fell on the sidewalk. Officers said he explained “meeces” was plural for mouse and said he told them the year was 1800 and while unsure who was president, did know it was not Hillary Clinton. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance and was charged with disorderly conduct/public intoxication.

— A case manager notified police a resident at Fawcett Apartments had called and said he was going to harm himself by jumping from the ninth floor. Officers spoke to him and he agreed to go to the hospital.

— An officer escorted a child home after receiving a complaint about him riding his bicycle with no lights or reflectors on Parkway, nearly being hit. The officer also explained to the child the dangers of riding in the dark without reflection.

— Officers responded to a Bradshaw Avenue home where Amy Fielder reported she saw her boyfriend’s 12-year-old daughter jump onto his 16-year-old son, attacking him over a stuffed teddy bear she had received for Valentine’s Day from her boyfriend. Each of the kids blamed the other, according to reports. The father, John White Sr., told officers he had seen Fielder take the teddy bear earlier. When they spoke again to Fielder, she reportedly admitted taking the toy and hiding it from the 12-year-old because she is missing $600 and believes the child is responsible.

St. Clair Township

— Officers conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle due to it having a cracked windshield in the driver’s view. The K9 Axel was deployed and reportedly alerted on the vehicle, where a marijuana pipe with residue was found. It was reportedly concealed to resemble a marker. The driver, identified only as Four, 33, Sophia Street, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia-marijuana.