County Sheriff

— Valerie Primrose, state Route 45, Salem Township, reported she loaned her Galaxy 8 phone to Annette Wright so she could check her Facebook account. Wright was outside smoking and checking her account when Trent Marcum came up and started to talk with her. Wright offered Marcum a bottle of water and went inside to get it for him. When she returned Marcum and Primrose’s phone were both gone.

— A panic alarm sounded at XL Sand and Gravel at 7:31 a.m. Tuesday, but it was found to have been inadvertently set off when employees were opening for the day.

— An alarm at a home on Metz led to deputies finding no one home and the house secure at 10:35 a.m. Tuesday.

East Liverpool

— Officers responded to a walk-up complaint about a Jeep driving around the Klondyke area that seemed suspicious. A vehicle matching that description was located parked at the rear of the East Bay Car Wash, where the driver, Cody L. Jackson, 18, Ceramic Street, said he had been at a friend’s playing video games and was going to wash his girlfriend’s Jeep. He had two juveniles with him, according to police. Although he denied having anything illegal, officers reported seeing a baggie in his pocket and found it contained a small amount of marijuana. Officers said the vehicle smelled of marijuana but Jackson said he didn’t think there was anything illegal in the vehicle. A Mason jar containing marijuana, rolling papers, baggies and a marijuana bowl was found underneath the driver’s seat that officers said Jackson said was for personal use. Officers then found a scale underneath the driver’s seat and asked Jackson if he was selling the marijuana, but he said he needed the scale to make sure when he buys it he is getting the correct amount for the price, because he got “ripped off” for $100 once. He was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as driving alone on a permit. The two juveniles also only had temporary permits, and the vehicle was towed by First Class Towing.

— Responding to a report that their neighbors always have a strong smell of marijuana around their home, officers went to an Orchard Grove home and reported they could clearly smell the odor from the entire house. When the door was opened, a strong odor of marijuana was detected, they reported. When they stepped inside the house, officers reported seeing a grinder as well as green leafy substance on the dining room table. Steven J. Carmen, 22, of that address, claimed the items and he was charged with possession of marijuana.

— A Maine Boulevard resident reported hearing kids playing near Trinity Church and someone saying, “I’m going to kill you.” Officers did not locate anyone in the area.

— A caller reported two men and a woman fighting near the Cove Lounge, and officers found Krista Medeiros and Antoinne Fluker walking near there. Fluker said he was jumped by his cousin, who held him while his cousin’s girlfriend assaulted him, all over rent money. He did not want to file charges, saying it was between family. They were transported to the taxi office to get a ride back to West Virginia. Breanna Keith reported she was in the Cove’s parking lot with her boyfriend and his brother, Antoinne Fluker, when the two men got into an altercation. She said Fluker grabbed her by the hair, punched her, knocked her to the ground and slapped her phone from her hand when she tried to call police. The reports had no addresses listed.

— A 66-year-old woman resident of the Valley Oaks nursing facility called 911 to report her husband came to the facility and choked her while she was lying in bed. She also told police her husband sells drugs from his apartment. Staff members said he resident had had no visitors that day and, in fact, has no husband to their knowledge.

— A clerk at Convenient Food Mart, Lisbon Street, reported at 6:42 p.m. Nov. 21 two suspicious men in the parking lot, meeting cars. The clerk said this happens all the time and it is believed to be drug activity. Officers did not locate the men but encouraged the clerk to call any time anything suspicious is seen.

— Shane M. Kantsis, 25, no address listed, reported he was at a house on Woodbine Avenue and everyone was drinking when he decided to leave. At that point, Kantsis said, he was jumped and struck with a brick. Officers went to the house and were told by three people there that Kantsis had shown up drunk and started causing problems so was told to leave. He went outside and began yelling, and reportedly jumped a man identified in reports only as Durbin, who said he defended himself. Kantsis was taken to the hospital by Lifeteam ambulance.

— Officers were called to a West Ninth Street home by a woman who said her grandson had gone home to check on his mother and found her and her boyfriend unresponsive with a needle on the coffee table. The man and woman were found awake and walking around by officers, who said they both denied having used heroin that day. They were advised to keep an eye on each other and if one thought the other was overdosing, to call 911.

— Cheyeanne Gorby, St. Clair Avenue, asked to have her ex-boyfriend removed from her apartment. He left without any problem.

— Angela Morgan, Wilbert Avenue, reported in two different instances people knocking on her door and then leaving. She said it occurs just after she gets her 8-month-old baby to sleep, waking up the baby. Officers located some juveniles at the playground, but they denied any such action. An hour after they cleared the scene, officers were called back for the same thing. During another call about people knocking on her door, officers were talking with Morgan when several neighbors came out and began yelling at her to keep her dog quiet and people would probably leave her alone, according to reports.

— Kristy L. Steed, Ohio Avenue, reported her dog was in her yard when two men walked past with two pit bulls not on leashes. The two dogs came into her yard and attacked Steed’s dog, causing multiple injuries. Officers searched but made no contact with the two men.

— Cary D. Barnes 49, no address listed, reported James Moore, no age or address listed, had stuck a gun into his face. Moore was located by officers in the Giant Eagle parking lot, where he was patted down, with no found. In a second report later in the day, Barnes and weapons Nicholas Musuraca, West Fourth Street, reported they believe Moore stole a .22-caliber handgun from Musuraca’s home, with Barnes alleging the stolen gun was the same as the one he said Moore had pulled on him earlier in the day. Musuraca had no paperwork on the stolen gun, according to police.

St. Clair Township

— Lisa M. Crouse, no address listed, said while her vehicle was parked at a friend’s on Gipner Avenue, someone stole $178 from inside it.