Police, May 9, 2014

County Sheriff

– Connie Cline, Ellyson Road, East Rochester, reported at 10:56 p.m. Wednesday her 21-year-old stepdaughter was home when she left for work on Wednesday morning, but was gone when she came home. The young adult texted her stepmother and told her she was with a man from the Rogers area. Cline did not know the man’s last name. At 5:01 a.m. Thursday Cline reported she had spoken to her stepdaughter, who told her she was at a friend’s home at a trailer court on U.S. Route 62. The younger woman called and spoke with deputies at 6:31 a.m., letting them know she was fine and did not know why she was reported missing.

– Theresa Togh, Walker Road, Minerva, reported at 12:32 a.m. Thursday there was a possible prowler behind her home. She saw lights flashing in the woods and heard voices.

– Shawn Ullom, state Route 14, Washingtonville, asked for an intoxicated man to be removed from Mason Steakhouse at 10:44 p.m. Wednesday. William K. Leverentz, 54, Sarasota, Fla., had been there for a long time and when he got up from his seat he appeared intoxicated. Employees attempted to get him a cab instead of allowing him to ride his bicycle. Leverentz reportedly became upset and started kicking, hitting and head-butting employees and customers. He was restrained on the floor until a deputy arrived. He was charged with persistent disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

– Bryan T. Jackson, Kevin Drive, Alliance, was cited with driving under suspension and leaving the scene of an accident after he reportedly struck a parked vehicle in the lot of Duke and Duchess Store, U.S. Route 62, Alliance at 4:37 p.m. Wednesday. The other vehicle is owned Brooke J. Schultz, Hopedale.

– Kathleen Siedentopf, Bye Road, East Palestine, reported shooting in the area at 10:19 p.m. Wednesday. Deputies checked the area, but heard no shooting.

Highway Patrol

– David R. Gatchel, 59, Fairfield School Road, Leetonia, was northbound on Fairfield School road in Fairfield Township at 9 p.m. Friday and drove off the right side, went left of center off the left side into an embankment then backed through the ditch and got stuck.

– Cayla A. Zurowski, 24, Erie, Pa., was westbound on state Route 165 in Unity Township at 4:20 p.m. Friday and Marina N. Arthur, 25, North Market Street, East Palestine, was eastbound and failed to yield turning north and was struck by Zurowski, who spun in the road and stopped in the westbound lane while Arthur went off the north side into a stop sign. Arthur was cited for right of way turning left.

– Dustin A. McCartney, 33, Brookfield Avenue, Lisbon, was eastbound on state Route 517 in Elkrun Township at 7:45 a.m. Friday and went off the right side into a ditch. He was cited for assured clear distance.


– Charlotte E. Reinke, 78, Park Avenue, Salem, was driving on North Jefferson Street when Raymond M. Pettigrew, 58, Endley Road, pulled out of the Save A Lot parking lot and struck Reinke’s vehicle in the rear. The accident occurred at 6:16 p.m. Saturday.

– Cory Miller, East Lincoln Way, reported Sunday being assaulted by Amanda Wilson. Police said both parties gave conflicting stories and there was insufficient evidence to warrant filing charges.

– A caller reported there was a woman standing in the middle of the intersection of North Beaver and West Chestnut at 4:24 p.m. May 2, but she was gone by time an officer arrived.

– Jim Strabala, East Chestnut Street, reported at 6 p.m. Wednesday that some of his relatives were sitting in a vehicle watching his house from the McKinley Elementary parking lot and he believes it has to do with a child custody issue. An officer spoke to the occupants, who had a child with them, and they said they were waiting for someone from Leetonia and would leave after that. Four hours later police saw that the vehicle had been moved from the parking lot and was now parked along the street. Police approached the vehicle and spoke again with the occupants, one of whom left the vehicle to go to the Strabala residence. The officer advised them this was a civil matter and they should leave, which they did.


– Someone reported at 7:51 a.m. Wednesday two suspicious people were in a vehicle in the Farmer’s National Bank parking lot. Police determined it was a woman picking up her son and waiting for the bank to open.

– Roger W. Buckley, 52, Haiti Road, Salineville, was westbound on state Route 14 at 10:28 a.m. Wednesday and passing Tiffany N. Wuckovich, 41, West Salem Street, who was westbound on state Route 14 and turned left into Buckley. Wuckovich was cited for improper turning.

– A man reported at 10:41 a.m. Wednesday there was a man on East Park Avenue across from the Old Columbiana Motors that was looking in people’s mailboxes and sitting on someone’s porch. Police checked the area but did not see the man.

– A man reported at 2:31 p.m. Wednesday someone was driving erratically northbound on state Route 7 and was all over the road. Police checked the area but did not see the vehicle.

– Jen Calko, Canfield, was making a left hand turn onto South Vine Street from West Park Avenue at 3:57 p.m. Wednesday and Elizabeth Vogel, Columbiana, pulled out to make a left turn from South Vine Street onto West Park Avenue and struck Calko. Vogel was cited for failure to yield when making a left turn.

– Amy Clow, South Main Street, reported identity theft at 4:36 p.m. Wednesday.

– Sylvia Hasson, Hawkins Lane, reported at 7:22 p.m. Wednesday two boys on bikes were sitting in the vacant lot on Hawkins Lane. Police checked the area but did not see anything suspicious.

East Palestine

– Dr. Venus Wittenauer reported at 12:49 p.m. Monday several checks from the business on South Walnut Street were stolen and cashed by a former employee.

– Police went to 614 West Clark Street at 6:13 p.m. Monday for a report of a disturbance between juveniles. Police told the juveniles to stay away from each other.

– Jessica Meckler reported at 6:17 p.m. Monday her dog had bitten a juvenile that evening but she did not know the name of the child or anything else about them.

– Someone reported at 6:23 p.m. Monday that while going by a home on Spaite Drive they heard yelling and believed a child was possibly being abused. Police referred the matter to children’s services and they determined the child was OK.

– Justin Foley reported an incident involving his children and their mother at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

– Police went to 280 West Clark Street at 8:48 p.m. Tuesday for a report that someone had stolen a collar off a dog that was left to run loose.

– Rose Barroni, North Liberty Street, reported at 10:19 p.m. Tuesday she was receiving multiple unwanted phone calls from someone claiming she owes a debt that she does not believe she owes.


– Police and firefighters checked the 200 block of Hawley Avenue for a report of a strong odor of smoke called in by a newspaper carrier at 5:02 a.m. Thursday. Officers smelled smoke, but neither they nor firefighters could locate the source.

– A motorist on East Pershing Street flagged down an officer at 6:05 p.m. Wednesday about a possible fight taking place in an alley between State and Pershing. Two people were found in the alley and told police they had an argument, but no physical contact.

– Jaclynn Bertolette, 36, of 346 W. 10th St., was cited for dog at large at 9:35 p.m. Tuesday.

– James Sielaff, Maple Street, reported at 6:21 p.m. Tuesday his bicycle was stolen.

– A man on Southeast Boulevard reported at 2:21 p.m. Tuesday that he discovered his rear license plate stolen within the last day or two. Another plate was put on his vehicle without his OK or knowledge that belonged to someone else from the same street. He thought it was a prank from some juveniles and young adults from over the weekend. He was told to contact his home police agency. The man’s name was not provided.



Firefighters were called by EMT Ambulance at 10:19 p.m. Wednesday for a truck on fire at State and Ellsworth. Finding nothing, EMT was called to verify the address and said it was the 300 block of State, but they weren’t sure if it was west or east. A truck was found with the hood up and guys working on it in the 500 block of East State Street. The owner said the truck backfired through the carburetor.