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Alan Powell

Alana Powell, recipient of the Class of 1961 $1,100 scholarship

Alanna Grimes

Alanna Grimes, recipient of the Kauffman $1,500 scholarship

Karsyn Faulk

Karsyn Faulk, recipient of the Class of 1967 $1,000 scholarship

Marissa Spooner

Marissa Spooner, recipient of the McPherson/Lederle $2,000 scholarship

Brice Blackburn

Brice Blackburn, recipient of the Lisbon Retired Teachers $1,000 scholarship

Katelyn Haifley

Katelyn Haifley, recipient of the Bruey Pioneer scholarship $1,000.

Josh Entrikin

Josh Entrikin, recipient of the Marvin White $5,000 scholarship

Zarnozky and Ammon

Submitted photos Sierra Zarnozky and Natalie Ammon, recipient of J J Patsey $1,000 scholarships

Students donate to charity

BELOIT — Adrienne Lesnett’s freshman honors English class at West Branch High School wrapped up their charity project at the end of May. Students are asked to select a charity of their choice, create an action plan for fundraising, conduct fundraising over the second semester, complete ...