Salem City Council approves appropriations to ‘19 budget

SALEM — City council this past week approved several appropriations to the budget.

Council moved $115,000 within the General Fund. This includes $5,000 to the Police Department Vehicle/Equipment Repair and Parts for increased repairs on existing vehicles that exceeded the budget amount; $10,000, in grant proceeds from the State Fire Marshal to Fire Department Turn Out Gear for purchase of the turn out gear; and $100,000 to Capital Improvement after the engineer’s estimate for the 2019 Summer Street program was lower than the actual cost of bids due to more damage over the winter.

Council also appropriated $5,000 within the Municipal Event Fund to reimburse overtime that exceeded the budgeted amount for the Salem Super Cruise and $30,000 to Capital Outlay Other Equipment after the Johnson Family donated money to the parks.

Council additionally appropriated $155,620 within the Capital Improvement Fund including $150,000 for summer streets due to the project being costing more than budgeted; and $5,620 for equipment due to the new traffic and safety truck costing more than budgeted.

Council also appropriated $5,000 within the Water Revenue Fund for accrued benefits for employees who unexpectedly left employment as well as $385,000 within the Waste Water Revenue Fund including $5,000 for accrued benefits for employees who unexpectedly left employment and $380,000 for Note and Bond Retirement principal and interest for the GO Bond which was erroneously omitted from the original budget.

Council also appropriated $10,000 within the Accrued Person Benefits for electric, water and wastewater to clean up accrued sick leave that was not budgeted; and $31,605.10 within the TIF Fund  for various contractual services with the Columbiana County auditor and treasurer offices, note and bond retirement principal/GO Bonds and capital improvement.

City Auditor Betty Brothers presented the appropriations to council’s Finance Committee prior to the council meeting.