A celebration 100 years in the making

Twelve-year-old Alexa Ludwig gave spinning demonstrations as part of the flaw scutching process. She is a United Local seventh-grader. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
From left, sisters Evelyn Groves and Kathryn Moore were part of the flax scutching process on display. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
John G. Whitacre is shown with a steel comb known as a hackle. It is used as part of the flax scutching process. The fine fibers made from flax ultimately are transformed into linens. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
Ray Brandt of Winona is shown with a scutching board which is used in one of the many important steps of the flax scutching process. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
Michele and 12-year-old Nigel Taggart check out one of the classic vehicles on display Sunday at the Winona Strawberry Festival. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
Keeping busy during the annual Winona Strawberry was the chicken barbeque pit crew of, from left Alan Gamble, John Gamble, Clark Cope, Bill Richards and Josh Agerter. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
Checking out an old-fashioned ice cream maker was the Stryffeler family including 2-year-old twins Clair and Leah; back, from left, Kathy, Dale, Levi and Sara. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)
Helping out with the dessert line were 9-year-old Keith Williams Jr. and Layla Wellman. (Morning Journal/J.D. Creer)

Pleasant weather, fellowship and delicious food highlighted the annual Winona Strawberry Festival held Sunday at the corner of Winona Road and Cameron Street. The festival marked the 150th anniversary of town, founded under the Winona name with the first post office. The Winona Historical Society planned the sesquicentennial celebration which included flax scutching demonstrations, quilt displays, an auction and meals including a variety of desserts. Proceeds support the Winona Historical Society museum programs and the two meeting houses and the grounds where the festival is held.