Salineville council restricts traffic on two roads

SALINEVILLE — Two roadways in poor condition will be partially closed for now following a decision by the Salineville council.

Council voted to temporarily close an unnamed alley near Councilwoman’s Sally Keating’s home and Summit Drive, where it exits onto state Route 664.

Summit Drive has been turning to mud, according to Councilman Jim Wilson, especially when the street department has to put salt on it due to the icy conditions. Wilson said after it turns to mush, then large rocks are put in to build it back up and they just sink away.

Council members talked about the amount of traffic on the road, which Police Chief Matt Devlin attributed to some criminal activity in that area, which has recently declined.

Devlin said the police cruiser had a hard time getting up through there recently and believes some cars would get stuck.

Council voted to unanimously to put up a sign noting there is no outlet that direction.

In the case of the alley, there is a large hump which has developed and Wilson noted most vehicles coming down the hill through there would drag on the hump. The road will be closed between where Keating parks and where the alley comes out onto Main Street. Keating abstained from voting on that decision.

Council also discussed whether there will be enough money in the budget for possible chip and seal of roads this year, gravel or blacktop. A decision needs to be made at least regarding chip and seal by the last week in March.

Fiscal Officer Donna Rudder went over the amount of money currently in the budget in three funds where possible street repair money can come from. The three funds totaled $23,000.

In other matters:

— Council voted to allow Devlin to give a 2008 Chevy Impala to Summitville, which has expressed an interest. The car was originally donated to Salineville by the County Sheriff’s Office, but Devlin said he has already checked with them and they do not want it back.

— The state auditor’s office will be checking the village’s books for 2017 and 2018 starting in mid-March.

— Council voted to join the mutual aid agreement of the county Major Crimes Task Force.

— Council also voted to change the paid holidays for employees including noting that personal days must be approved in advanced and must be used in the year they are earned.