Man gets lower bail, ticket to Louisiana after waiving extradition

LISBON — Richard Beckley Jr., 42, Canton, last week waived his right to an extradition hearing in exchange for a reduction in bond.

County Municipal Court Judge Mark Frost said according to paperwork sent from the state of Louisiana, Beckley was convicted there of a simple burglary charge in the Livingston Parish. He was placed on three years probation and now is wanted there for violating the terms of the probation.

Assistant County Prosecutor Don Humphrey Jr. said he was reluctant to recommend a change of bond after comments Beckley made during his arraignment hearing.

“(Beckley) made it very clear by his expressions to the court that he did not want to go back to Louisiana,” Humphrey said, adding modifying the bond “might just be throwing him to the wind so to speak.”

Humphrey suggested a modification from $25,000 to $12,500 cash or surety “with all my misgivings not withstanding.”

Defense attorney Eric Kibler explained Beckley’s comments at the earlier hearing by stating sometimes you may not want to do something but you do it anyway because you realize you must.

“Of course he doesn’t want to go back to Louisiana,” Kibler said, “but he recognizes it is something he must do.”

Additionally, Kibler said Beckley has been in rehab and has been six months clean of heroin right now.

Frost agreed to reduce the bond, but reminded him sometime in the next 30 days the officials from Louisiana will be coming to get him and when he is notified he must report. Should they not come, Frost set a hearing in 30 days to review the matter.

He also encouraged Beckley to continue the hard work to remain off of drugs.