Crestview board fields coaching complaints

NEW WATERFORD — Without naming names, about a dozen parents appeared on Wednesday before the Crestview Board of Education about their concerns regarding the high school basketball program.

Some of the complaints were about the bullying of some of the players by coaches, with the coaches showing a level of disrespect to some of the players on the team in front of the other players. One parent said some of the coaches were making fun of another coach, making disparaging comments in front of the students.

Additionally, parents talked about the number of younger players on the varsity while older students are playing on a junior varsity team without enough players to field a full team of five.

Parents questioned how they are supposed to teach their students how to be better people and treat others with respect when the coaches are not demonstrating it.

More than one parent stated they had played basketball or other sports themselves and while the coaches were tough on them, they felt in this instance a line was being crossed.

In some cases, the parents talked about their sons deciding to quit playing basketball or about the family making decisions about possibly leaving the Crestview district to play basketball elsewhere.

Following the presentation by the parents, Dr. Edward Miller, president of the board said they would consider the comments of the families.

“We take your comments seriously,” Miller said. “Every one of us are parents first. We will discuss everything said here. I want to thank you for all your comments and for your civility.”

The varsity boys team is currently 2-7. Jeff Wilson is the head coach, Greg Woolman the varsity assistant and Joey Golden the junior varsity coach.

In other athletic matters:

— The board accepted the resignation of Derek Ciapala, seventh grade boys basketball coach, and approved Ryan Sheffield as the new seventh grade boys basketball coach.

— The board approved Richard Stelts, volunteer assistant high school wrestling coach; Dimitri Gregory, varsity assistant high school wrestling coach; Corey Hill, varsity assistant baseball coach; Tristan Reynolds, junior varsity head baseball coach.

— At the end of the night, the board called an executive session to discuss personnel matters.