Movie scouts Lisbon sites

LISBON — Another movie may be filmed in the Lisbon area.

Speaking at this week’s Village Council meeting, Christina Lucarell from the production company Dallas Pike LLC told them crews are scouting for locations in town to film scenes for the movie “Roadkill McGillicutty,” described online as a dark comedy that explores “the absurdity of a tiny town with even smaller minded ideals …”

Colt McGillicutty is a local character who works for the county highway department, whose main job is to dispose of roadkill. When the local golden girl, Bunny Willard, returns home following a bitter divorce, tensions escalate between Colt and his nemesis, fire chief Bill Devoe, who has his own plans for Bunny and the town.

The film is set in the fictional town of Dallas Pike, W.Va., and Lucarell said they are interested in filming some of the town scenes in Lisbon and would need to close several streets. She said they like the area for the same reason producers chose to shoot scenes here 12 months ago for the movie “Them That Follow” — because it looks like Appalachia without having to go deep into Appalachia.

Village cemetery board chairwoman Gene Krotky said she was told pretty much the same thing by another representative for “Roadkill McGillicutty.”

“They told me ‘we’re close to Youngstown but we look like West Virginia,'” she said.

Krotky said the movie representative contacted her about using the cemetery to film scenes of a son visiting his military veteran father’s grave. She was also told they wanted to film at other locations in town, including the Steel Trolley Diner, between Oct. 21-31.

Krotky suggested the movie representatives approach the mayor, council and the police and fire chiefs to get permission to film in town.

Filming for “Roadkill McGillicutty” is also occurring in and around Youngstown and producers are looking for extras. Lucarell intimated an Oscar-winning actor is expected to appear in the film.

“Them That Follow” — a coming of age drama starring Walter Goggins — is scheduled to be released in 2019.