Water taking its toll on Perry Township intersection

SALEM — Flooding remains a problem at Chestnut Grove Road and South Lincoln Avenue, according to Perry Township road supervisor Darreck Farrell, who said he’s afraid there’s going to be nothing left of the road if the water problem doesn’t get fixed.

Farrell updated Perry Township Trustees Monday on the flooding that occurred after heavy rains this past weekend.

The issue of standing water after heavy rains is nothing new at that intersection near the railroad tracks. Both the trustees and Salem city officials have talked about the problem. Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix said they even agreed to work together, but without access to the former Salem Little Quakers property that sits on the hill off of South Lincoln to clean out a storm sewer pipe, he indicated the situation may be at a standstill.

Farrell said a pipe under the Norfolk Southern railroad property at the tracks has collapsed, but even if that gets fixed, he said there’s still a problem. He advised that he spoke to Soil & Water Conservation and learned they could possibly get grant money after the first of the year to put in a detention pond.

Mix said if they could get access to the Salem Little Quakers property, that may take care of the problem instead.

“I was looking for more of a permanent solution,” Farrell said.

Trustee Jim Armeni said he could try to find out who controls the Salem Little Quakers property.

The bingo hall hasn’t been used or rented out for several years, with Tax Ease Ohio of Cincinnati listed as the taxpayer with the property still under the name Salem Little Quakers Inc. even though the booster group reportedly disbanded. The building is in the city limits.