NW agrees to run water to Crestview

NEW WATERFORD — Village council approved a resolution to enter into a contract with the Crestview school district for design and engineer work for a waterline extension to the school during Tuesday’s meeting.

The resolution was made under an emergency clause and authorized the mayor and fiscal officer to sign the agreement.

Mayor Shane Patrone said the village and school district have been talking about the deal for about a year and expected a similar resolution to be passed during the school board meeting tonight.

He said after the passage they will negotiate with Engineering Associates and Councilman Tom Cresanto asked about fire hydrant intervals.

Patrone said they would be spaced every 500 feet and there will be at least one pump station to move water to the more elevated school district property.

“This basically covers the installation of line to Crestview,” Patrone said, adding the existing right-of-way will “more than likely be used.”

Council passed the resolution unanimously.

In other business, Patrone advised council that beginning with the daylight shift on Oct. 1, the village will begin staffing for an ambulance.

He said they have been missing too many calls and decided on the move to full-time daylight-hour staffing and “give it a try.”

Also, council passed a resolution to open a second checking account specifically for the purpose of handling money for the EMS department and its school.

In old business, Patrone said after installing cameras in the park two weeks ago “we caught two perpetrators destroying a part of the gazebo.”

Patrone noted, “They knew the cameras were in use there” and law enforcement is talking to the parents.

“The money for the cameras worked out,” Patrone said.

Also, the village set Oct. 27 for trick or treat, expanding the day, a Saturday, with village events running from 1-4:30 p.m.

Patrone said there will be safety vehicles on display, popcorn next to the community building and the costume contest for children, adults and pets will be at 4:30. Council members will judge the costumes.

Trick or treat will run from 5-7:30 p.m. and the mayor said he will pass out candy at the gazebo and post more information on the village’s Facebook page.

Cresanto asked council about adding an area in the playground for children with autism, saying, “We don’t have a playground for autistic kids” and he wondered if there was any way to find some property.

Patrone asked, “Can we use the existing playground?”

Cresanto sad, “We’ve got money in the park fund, (maybe) we could put something on the other side of the pavilion.”

Patrone was more in favor of keeping it closer to the community building.

Cresanto said two women had asked him about it and he wasn’t familiar with it, but advised them that he would bring it before council.

Councilwoman Patricia Finch said she would look into it and Patrone said it would be good “to get an idea of what we’re looking for” before proceeding.