Community control for car theft scheme

LISBON — Anlynn N. Allison, the girlfriend of George Faulkner Jr., who involved her in a car stealing scheme, was granted community control during a hearing earlier this week in front of Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike.

Allison, 24, last known address in Struthers, was placed on community control, and Pike ordered her to repay $5,199 in restitution to Allstate Insurance. Pike added repaying the money is very important, and he reserved the right to impose the maximum prison time if she does not follow the terms of her community control.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart had recommended the five-year term of community control for Allison, after he noted she did plead to lower level felony charges, which qualified her for a community control presumption because of her lack of a prior record. Additionally, both Weikart and her defense attorney, Christopher Weeda, agreed Allison had cooperated with investigators.

In April, Allison, who was facing 27 counts, pleaded guilty to three counts of receiving stolen property, two counts of certificate of motor vehicle title law offense, two counts of falsification and one count of insurance fraud.

Allison indicated “I let someone manipulate and control me. I should have stepped up and made sure that did not happen.”

Faulkner, 31, had been sentenced in April to serve 18 months in prison for five counts of receiving stolen property and one count of arson.

The scheme involved test driving vehicles and then making keys so the vehicles could be taken later, obtaining false titles and even tampering with Vehicle Identification Numbers. Allison was involved in test driving the vehicles, and the false titles were often issued in her name.

Additionally, a vehicle was reported stolen and a false insurance claim made to Allstate Insurance. However, the vehicle had been set ablaze after it was stripped of the tailgate, hitch and wheels, items later found at Faulkner’s home.