Leetonia considers new sign-in system

LEETONIA — The Leetonia school board is considering a new sign-in process that can create photo badges for students and visitors.

JR Suppes, president of The DriveMind Group, shared with the board last week the company’s SchoolSAFEid, a visitor management system for K-12 schools. The cloud-based identification system generates printable ID cards and assist districts in efficiently producing photo IDs worn by students during school hours and while attending after-school activities.

According to information provided by Superintendent Rob Mehno, SchoolSAFEid provides instant screening of visitors against registered sex offender databases in all 50 states and the ability to create custom databases to contain custody alerts and banned visitors. School photos can also be integrated into the system for tardy badge printing and pvc id cards for students.

Fully web based, the program affords the opportunity to log in from any device with an internet connection to see who is in the building. The program also allows for records of every visitor that enter the school each day as well as unlimited users to to access the system.

Additionally, the program can include a self service kiosk to allow visitors and students to scan their own drivers license, state issued id or student id. Kiosks also capture a picture of the visitor and prints a portrait badge within seconds after being signed in.

The sign-in would be located in the lobby at the front entrance. Mehno said visitors would not be permitted into the building without scanning an id. Currently visitors are permitted into the building by an attendant then required to sign in. Settings can be configured to send text and email alerts to administrators.

According to the information provided, the average sign-in and out process takes 10 seconds or less. The program can create up to six different types of visitors which will be displayed in bold text and visitors without an id can be manually entered into the system.

For information about SchoolSAFEid, visit drivemindgroup.com.

The board took no action regarding the sign-in system.