Imposition, indecency charges dropped in exchange for plea

LISBON — With the help of an interpreter, Darshan Singh of Solon pleaded guilty to prosecutor’s information charging him with interference with custody, a fourth-degree felony, and two counts of unlawful restraint.

Singh, 63, formerly of Salem, allegedly had invited children under the age of 13 over to his garden in August of 2016, according to Assistant County Prosecutor Tammie Riley Jones. He invited at least one of the children to sit next to him while he was fully exposed. Additionally, Jones said Singh grabbed one of the child’s arms, possibly in an attempt to get the child to touch him. One of the children fell while trying to run away from the situation.

Singh had been initially charged with two counts of gross sexual imposition, both fourth-degree felonies; and misdemeanor charges of assault and public indecency. That indictment will be dismissed at sentencing, according to Jones.

Singh is facing up to 22 months incarceration and $6,000 in fines. Because Singh is not a United States citizen, Judge C. Ashley Pike warned him pleading guilty to the charges could lead to possible deportation, exclusion from being admitted into the United States in the future or a denial to naturalization in the future.

Jones said she will request a nine month prison term at the time of sentencing. Neither the victims or their family were in the courtroom during the plea hearing on Tuesday; however, Jones said the family members were involved in the agreement. Part of the consideration in the plea agreement was the young age of the children involved.

Singh will also be listed as a Tier I sexual offender, required to register his address every year for the next 15 years.

Singh’s defense attorney Edward LaRue said he will be asking for community control for Singh, noting he is a 63-year-old gentleman without a prior record, who has his son, daughter and wife there to support him.

LaRue noted Singh wants to be respectful about the lines that he crossed and was going forward with pleading while realizing he had made a mistake.

Sentencing is set for Sept. 14.