St. Clair’s police report year-end numbers

CALCUTTA — Police activity in St. Clair Township has been on par, while fire calls in Calcutta and Glenmoor were down from last year, according to end-of-the-year statistics provided at Tuesday’s St. Clair Township trustees meeting.

Police Chief Brian McKenzie presented the police department’s activity count for December, which totaled 188 calls — a considerable decrease from November’s 275, the highest month of volume for the year.

December’s count consisted of 76 total incident reports, 44 arrests, 36 traffic citations, 32 crash reports, 13 incidents/documentation and 10 cases of theft. The theft cases more-than-tripled in December, while there were 10 fewer accidents, and crash reports were just one lower from the month before. The other offenses saw significant decreases.

Also documented for the month were seven traffic stops, five warrant checks/services, four harassments, four investigating disturbances, four towed vehicles, three reports of drug activity, three cases of fraud, three vandalism reports, two criminal damaging calls, two custody disputes, two domestic violence calls, two juvenile problems, two suspicious activities, one accident, one assault, one breaking and entering, one drug overdose, one follow-up investigation, one menacing, one other emergency, one shoplifting, and one stolen vehicle.

With December totals, the final count for 2017 was 2,635 reports.

The year-long count included 968 total incident reports, 751 arrests, 577 traffic citations, 339 crash reports, 219 incidents/documentation and 103 reports of theft.

Other counts for the year in double digits included 82 traffic stops, 54 reports of drug activity, 51 towed vehicles, 50 warrant checks/services, 34 harassment reports, 30 fraud reports, 27 DUI charges, 23 domestic violence reports, 23 investigating disturbances, 20 juvenile problems, 20 vandalisms, 18 assaults, 17 suspicious activities, 13 investigations, 13 removal requests, 12 accidents, 12 drug overdoses, 11 neighborhood disputes and 11 public assistance calls.

Meanwhile, as for the fire departments, Calcutta fire chief Dave McCoy also provided his end-of-year statistics, which totaled 202 calls — a decrease from around 250 in 2016, marking back-to-back year of decreasing activity.

Among the calls received with Calcutta fire crews were 130 public service calls, 24 EMS calls, 22 fire calls and 26 false alarms.

While providing his report, McCoy also said the department received a $500 donation from a resident after fire crews recently installed a smoke alarm at the unnamed resident’s home. McCoy said the donation will be earmarked to go toward providing more smoke detectors to area homes at no cost to residents.

In addition, Glenmoor’s new fire chief Bill Bennett presented their year-end report, which totaled of 250 calls in 2017 — a decrease from 2016’s count of 298.