Limits placed on two roads

WELLSVILLE — Two new weight reductions signs have been posted in Yellow Creek Township .

Trustee Kenny Biacco reported last week the township submitted papers to the county engineer’s office, requesting to participate in the new Frost Law, which serves as seasonal restrictions on weight limits and speeds on roads subject to thaw weakening.

The township’s request to place 50 percent weight reduction signs on both Steubenville Pike and Wells Hollow was approved by county commissioners.

In another matters, trustees approved a $5,587 bill for the township’s participation in the county’s line striping program earlier this year. The township had 10.29 miles striped with polyester yellow double lines.

“It sounds like a lot, but boy it’s nice for when it’s foggy, you can see that line out there on the middle of the road,” Trustee Glenn McKenzie said.

Trustees also approved a $3,8000 bid from Shrock Builders for work to enclose the township’s salt building. Work is anticipated to take place in the spring.

In addition, Biacco reported the township road crew took down a tree along 18th Street Heights which had been in the process of falling down. Biacco added that Trustee Glenn McKenzie assisted the road crew in removing the tree.

The next trustee meeting is 7 p.m. Dec. 12.