Smuggling attempt reported at prison

ELKTON — Sheriff’s deputies were called to the federal prison here Tuesday morning when an attempted smuggling incident took place.

The sheriff’s office was called at 8:25 a.m. after it was reported a group of people were attempting to smuggle contraband into the prison by throwing it over the fence.

Someone inside the security perimeter reported seeing three men outside the fence near the recreation yard with a package about the size of a shoebox. The trio fled on foot when they knew they were spotted.

Deputies patrolling Scroggs Road found three men matching their description walking in the middle of the road southbound, with briars and stickers attached to their clothing from walking through a wooded area. The three men were taken into custody.

Prison officials asked deputies to check the area for the package the three men had been carrying. K-9 Jesy and Lt. Allan Young checked the area, seeking articles with human odor on them.

Jesy was able to trail where the men had traveled to where they were picked up on Scroggs Road, but did not alert to any evidence.