171 cited by OSP for seat belt violations

LISBON — A near record number of seat belt citations were issued by the Lisbon state Highway Patrol post over the last week during an enforcement task in St. Clair Township.

Sgt. Ron Cox said on Thursday that troopers issued 171 citations for seat belts alone out of the total 232 citations.

The enforcement focused on seat belt safety, although other citations were issued for speeding and other offenses.

“The wearing of safety belts is the main concern for troopers. We want people to wear their safety belts,” he said.

He added that, on average, the post writes about 100 citations for seat belt violations during enforcement efforts.

“That was pretty high,” he said of the 171 written between Oct. 8 and Oct. 14.

In addition to the citations, troopers also made eight drug arrests during that week for misdemeanor offense like possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia, he said.

In addition, troopers also made five OVI arrests.

Cox said there were no issues during the enforcement and all arrests were made without any problems.

There were three troopers assigned to the enforcement effort, but citations and arrests made by the rest of the Lisbon Post troopers on their normal shifts also counted toward the totals, he added.

He said the specific enforcement efforts happen several times a year, with a different portion of the county targeted each time.