The squeaky wheel gets the mower blades greased

LISBON –The property where the former Taste of Country restaurant once stood was mowed within days after a Journal story appeared about the unsuccessful efforts of a Center Township trustee to contact the owner.

Trustee Greg Shive told the Journal a representative for the development company involved with the Discount Drug Mart project contacted him after reading the Sept. 18 story and told him arrangements would be made to have the property mowed. It was mowed several days later.

Shive said in the Sept. 18 story he was unable to find out who the contact person is for DDM Lisbon LLC, the company that purchased the site north of town on state Route 45 earlier in the year to make way for a Discount Drug Mart store.

Nothing had happened at the site since demolition of the restaurant was completed in early June, and the weeds along Route 45 had grown high. Shive said the township was trying avoid mowing the property itself and then attaching the cost to the DDM Lisbon’s property taxes, which is why he was trying to find someone from the company to contact.

The thrust of the story was an attempt to find out when construction might begin, and a phone call and email to Discount Drug Mart’s media relations person were not returned.