Crestview sees positives in report card scores

NEW WATERFORD — The results might not be where Crestview hopes to be one day, but Superintendent Matthew Manley told the board of education Wednesday preliminary results of the school report card about to be released show some reasons to celebrate.

For instance, Manley said the students surpassed the state average in every area tested and more than 50 percent of Crestview students scored at the advanced or accelerated levels on every test. Additionally, the school’s value added grade is an A, which means Crestview students grew almost two years in what they learned last year. This included A for gifted students, which Manley pointed out is one of the toughest student groups to improve because they are already doing so well.

Besides gifted students, Crestview earned a B in the areas of improvement of their economically disadvantaged students and the students on Individual Education Plans.

Manley further said the report card gives Crestview an A for graduation rate, because nearly 97 percent of the Rebels graduated.

“This demonstrates that our kids don’t quit and our certified and classified staff and families do not quit on them either,” Manley said.

Crestview’s K-3 literacy rate is a B with 50 percent of the students moving from being off track to being on track in one school year in reading and writing.

While the state has set the bar at an 80 percent passage rate for each test, Crestview met that mark in nine of 24 areas. However, Manley said he believes Crestview’s marks will still be in the top third in the county and area. Manley also noted of the 19 letter grades Crestview will receive the majority will be A’s and B’s.

Manley said the scores of Crestview’s students improved by 13.5 percent and he sees signs that the students and staff are working toward doing better as a sign the district will meet these challenges in the future.

He noted everyone on the Crestview staff is responsible for helping the students improve and achieve. Additionally, he noted since 2008 the school district has grown in the number of students attending and families seek out Crestview for their students.

“The good news on the state report card is encouraging,” Manley said. “The data is nice, but nothing replaces the care, love and commitment of our staff.”