Utility line projects could prove costly for village

LISBON –The village Board of Public Affairs is looking to undertake two possibly-costly projects, one of which involves replacing the leaky main waterline from the town reservoir.

Senior water plant operator Paul McCarthy reported at this week’s meeting the waterline that runs under the bridge on South Market Street is leaking to the point where something needs to be done. The line supplies water to the village from the municipal reservoir located south of town on Steubenville Pike.

It is a plastic pipe likely installed in the 1960s, and one of the joints is leaking. McCarthy speculated the pipe likely moves with the bridge and the non-flexible type of adhesive appears to have been used to glue the joints together, which contributed to the problem.

The bridge spans the Middle Fork of the Little Beaver Creek, and McCarthy suggested waiting until a low water period and renting a portable boom lift with 4-wheel drive they could drive into the creek to replace the pipe. He was told to come up with a plan and cost estimate for the BPA to consider.

McCarthy also reported it would cost an estimated $35,000 to install a new sewer line to address a recurring problem of sewage backing up in the Rite Aid building. The new connector line would be just below the building, and Rite Aid has offered to help pay some of the cost.

BPA Chairwoman Carol Petrachkoff suggested asking the nearby businesses — McDonald’s and the Dollar General — if they would be interested in contributing to the project since they would likely benefit too.

At the July 25 meeting, the BPA promoted McCarthy to senior plant operator and granted him a $5,000 pay raise. Chris Peterson was promoted to junior plant operator and made a salary employee, along with a $4,000 pay raise.