Deficit looms in South Range’s fiscal forecast

BEAVER TOWNSHIP — The South Range School Board this week approved a financial five-year forecast showing a deficit cash balance in the fourth year.

The board approved the five-year financial forecast submitted by Treasurer Jim Phillips showing a deficit of just over $4.31 million in the fourth year and $4.88 million in the fifth. The forecast also shows a deficit spending in all five years, growing from nearly $81,000 this year to just over $3.45 million in the final year.

The forecast approved in October showed a cash balance deficit of over $3.5 million in the final year.

Phillips’ revised forecast noted the district is benefiting from an influx of open enrollment funds equaling over 9 mills of property tax. It also noted the district has a history of needing a new money levy every eight years, but the last one approved was in 2004. The forecast, however, calls for no new money levy moving forward, so the alternatives include financially supporting programming with expanding open enrollment as kindergarten class sizes continue to be much lower than they were historically, or to take action to reduce programming to reduce costs.

Also at the meeting, the board approved several personnel moves.

The board accepted the retirement of bus driver Patricia Ohlin effective July 1. Ohlin has been with the district for 32 years.

The board also hired Eric Bodine to perform bus body repairs as approved by the director of transportation for this summer and Tara Detchon as a student message center operator, filmer and stat panel operator, as well as rescinded the continuing contract for Lisa Allen as a Tier 3 bus driver.

Additionally the board approved supplemental contracts for the 2017-2018 school year to Diane Krumpak, Key Club; Debbie Staffeld, Power of the Pen; Debbie Staffeld, English Festival; Katie Adams, Junior Class Advisor; Krista Hosler, Middle School Club (Chess); Carole Hoff, FTA Advisor; Daniel Pappalardo, Speech; Daniel Pappalardo, Sophomore Class Advisor; Joanne Kane, High School Student Council Advisor; Joanne Kane, Newspaper Advisor; Katie Toy, High School Cheerleading Advisor; Jenny Benson, Mentor; Kim Hvizdos, Middle School Vocal; Kim Hvizdos, Elementary Christmas Program Director; Karen Rast, Power of the Pen; Brian Crumbacher, Middle School Assistant Football Coach; Mark Plunkett, Middle School Assistant Football Coach; Kathy Brown, Varsity Volleyball Coach; Deena Suszczynski, Saturday Morning Detention Monitor; and Mark Geisy, Saturday Morning Detention Monitor.