Wellsville mayor urges passage of tax

WELLSVILLE — Mayor Nancy Murray used Tuesday’s council meeting to urge passage of the village’s half-percent income tax issue on the May 2 ballot.

Funds generated by the tax would go toward village safety forces and road improvement.

The current income tax is at 1 percent, and if approved, would go to 1.5 percent, while also allowing a 50-percent tax credit for Wellsville residents who work in other cities.

Murray said that since the 1 percent tax was implemented, it has not been increased.

“We promise to spend your tax dollars wisely to help Wellsville move toward a positive direction, so please keep your community safe and vote to pass this income tax,” Murray said.

Council also approved invoices totaling $8,811, which included an estimate of $5,000 from Allison Contracting for inspection and updating the flood wall.

Fiscal Officer Hoi Black explained work on the flood wall has not been done. She said cemetery Superintendent Mike Lombardozzi spoke with Allison Contracting about the job.

“Basically, they went through the flood wall, and there was many updates and maintenance needed done, so this is basically the description on here,” Black said. “I’m not really an expert on it, so I couldn’t really explain it too much.”

Murray said the flood wall has not been touched for years, and council members Karen Dash and John Morrow agreed the improvements were needed, but added that money is needed before those improvements can be made.

“It’s really sad that we’ve let that flood wall go this long, but the money just hasn’t been there and it needs a ton of work,” Dash said. “We know that. We’re just trying to play catch up I guess.”

“I know we’ve been working with our state representative on getting money, and anybody that would throw us a dime,” Morrow said.

Murray said the village is applying for two grants, which would total $650,000 and would not require any matching funds.