Woman accused of stealing signs

CALCUTTA — A Rogers woman was arrested Friday afternoon when she reportedly took it upon herself to clean up the community of clutter.

Charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct was Megan Jo Williams, 40, state Route 170, who police said went around through the business district, removing signs from the roadway and roadside fencing near the Skyview Plaza.

Officers were called to the plaza at 1:49 p.m. for an irate female and were met by three witnesses who work in separate businesses and reported seeing Williams damaging signs and banners.

When confronted, Williams reportedly admitted cutting down the signs and banners and destroying them because she “grew up here” and is “sick of seeing signs cluttering up” the area.

Williams placed the signs and banners in the back seat of her vehicle, and when told by the witnesses she was not allowed to take the signs because they are private property, Williams reportedly continued cursing and screaming obscenities about the condition of the community.

After arguing with the witnesses for a few minutes, Williams said she would return their signs and opened her car, then began throwing them on the ground, they reported.

During this action, one of the signs struck witness Kristen Bloorin in the leg, according to reports.

Told police officers were on their way, Williams reportedly asked, “What are they going to do, slap me on the wrist?”

When officers told Williams the signs were not her property to take, she started repeatedly cursing and told them to “(expletive) arrest me,” slapping herself on the wrist, after which she was arrested.

Also among signs found in the rear of Williams’ vehicle were those advertising various events, including that night’s musical at Beaver Local High School. A Sprint banner had to be pulled from a Dumpster, police reported.

Williams appeared in East Liverpool Municipal Court Monday, where a public defender was appointed after Williams’ financial disclosure form showed she is unemployed.

Pretrial was scheduled March 23, with $15,000 cash/surety bond set.