Washingtonville bids for Green police contract

GREENFORD – Green Township trustees set a special meeting for 7 p.m. Sept. 9 to allow public discussion on two bids for police protection that were opened during Tuesday’s meeting.

The low bid was submitted by the Washingtonville Police Department with a cost of $251,000 annually in a three-year contract or $242,000 for five years.

Goshen Township, which has provided protection in Green Township, submitted a contract for $260,004 annually with extension options.

Trustee Vice Chairman George Toy said the contract will be awarded at the next regular meeting in September and trustees, absent Trustee Chairman Dave Slagle, said they would not discuss the the contracts during last evening’s meeting.

Later in the meeting, after residents wanted input, Toy said residents seem to like the current service and “that’s a relief.”

Trustee Mark Stepuk said, “We’ll definitely need time to read them” and suggested anyone who wanted to read them could submit a records request through Fiscal Officer Randy Chismar.

One guest asked about differences in the contracts and Toy said they just opened them and they didn’t know.

Washingtonville Mayor Will Jones attended the meeting and declined commenting and a number of guests backing the Goshen Township police also attended, including Trustee Chairman Bob McCracken.

In other business, Toy suggested that Fire Chief Todd Baird meet with a representative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding a possible grant for expanding the firehouse in anticipation of a new firetruck.

Baird proposed adding a two-car garage attachment to the current building with $95,000 in EMS money.

Toy said, “I personally would like to see it, but I don’t want to see a two-car garage … (rather) something new with office space upstairs.”

Toy set 10 a.m. Sept. 5 for a meeting with Chismar, Baird and the USDA representative.

“Let’s at least see what she has to say … let’s go with that and go from there.”

Also, in fire department business, Baird asked for $1,175 for LED lights for Unit No. 217.

Baird said they have replaced a lot of lights “related to road issues … (and) I recommend we go to LEDs to take some of the vibration out of them. When we head down Lisbon Road we’re just vibrating.”

Trustees approved purchasing four lights.

In other business, Toy said they had to move quickly on a road salt purchase through the state and needed a decision by Friday. Salt is $146 per ton and Toy there are three options, to say yes, say no, or take half of what the township is allowed for $35,000.

He said, “It’s a lot of money but we have to keep the roads safe” adding they should make a decision “tonight” but Trustee Mark Stepuk wondered what the consensus of the township association was. McCracken said he would call and no action was taken.

Police Chief Steve McDaniel said the department recorded 473 events and put 7,273 miles on police vehicles during July along with stepped up traffic enforcement on Middletown Road.