Truck carrying spoiled food had stops in county

LISBON – A report of a delivery truck pulled over and found to have a malfunctioning refrigeration system on Wednesday led to some area businesses receiving visits or notifications from the Columbiana County Health Department.

Health Commissioner Wesley Vins said on Thursday he learned from WKBN, a news partner of the Morning Journal, about the truck carrying 150 pounds of meat and fish at temperatures registering between 58 and 68 degrees, and the news led to concerns about some restaurants in the county. Besides the meat, which was supposed to be frozen, the truck had a list of restaurants where deliveries were scheduled to be made.

Only one business on the list of Asian-style restaurants, the Golden Chopsticks in Columbiana, is in the Columbiana County Health District. However, there were two more in Salem – King Buffet and Sunny’s Chinese Buffet, which are served by the Salem Area Health Department.

Vins said it was possible the truck may have already made deliveries to the local restaurants before it was stopped in Mahoning Township, Pa. In that case, the restaurant’s owners may have been unaware potentially spoiled meat was at their location, prompting a visit from the Columbiana County Health Department. Additionally, Vins said it is important other restaurants in the area were notified by the Health Department about the problem in case they recently used the same vendor for another delivery.

According to WKBN, the truck is owned by New Yung Wah of McKees Rocks, Pa., which is not the same company also found locally with faulty refrigeration in their truck in May.

On Thursday Vins emphasized the importance of restaurant operators using quality, reputable sources for the food they serve at their locations. The Health Department, which issues food vendors licenses, handles issues with the food once they reach the operators, which sell the food directly to the consumer. The supply chain, including the transportation of the products, is handled by the Department of Agriculture.