Rogers council will lose another

ROGERS – Village Council already has trouble keeping members and now it is losing another.

Councilman Michael Hunt has moved from the village, which means he will no longer eligible to serve on council, although he has yet to submit a formal resignation letter.

Hunt’s move came to light at council’s monthly meeting this past week, which was canceled due to lack of quorum after only two of the five members – Tom Chambers and Marilyn Locke – showed up.

The month before council was poised to pass legislation that would ask voters to reduce the size of the board from six members to five. This is in recognition of the difficulty council has in finding four people to serve, let alone five or six.

The legislation was deferred after council learned they would have to wait until 2015 to seek voter permission to downsize.

In addition to having difficulty finding people to serve on council, the board sometimes has trouble getting enough members to show up for meetings, although Chambers said this was the first time in six months a meeting was canceled due to lack of quorum.

After this week’s meeting was officially canceled, audience member Amy Shingleton Burkey, who just moved back to Rogers in April, expressed an interest in serving on council.

“I came back (after 30 years) and what I see is a dead town, and it breaks my heart,” she told Chambers, Locke and Mayor Sandra Chambers.

Mr. Chambers told Burkey the earliest she could be appointed would likely be sometime in October since the law requires someone live in town for at least six months before serving on council.

“I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised” with how the new council is moving forward to improve the village, he said. “We’re doing some exciting things.”

Burkey said her problem is not with council, which she believes is trying to make improvements. “It’s the townspeople that don’t care,” she said.

Another person in the audience, Deborah Smith, of College Street Extension, also expressed interest in serving on council, but she lives just outside village limits. Chambers said he is exploring what it would take to annex the Smith property into Rogers so she could be eligible to serve on council.