Crestview strives to make students better prepared

COLUMBIANA – Crestview High School just came off a big year with more students than ever taking advance placement (AP) classes and scoring well on them.

Principal Lynda Dickson pointed out several students did so well on their AP exams they will be given credit at most if not all universities and colleges throughout the country for their efforts. Several students took part in the Seniors to Sophomores program, where students are granted the opportunity to take college-level classes their senior year of high school.

This year, a music class will be offered taught by one of Crestview’s music teachers, Eric Bable, who recently qualified to be an adjunct professor. Students taking the class will be eligible not only for credit at Crestview, but also for three credit hours of college credit.

However, board member Dr. Edward Miller questioned if Crestview is still doing enough to get students prepared to make decisions when it comes to career and majors. It was noted nationwide student loan debt is at $1 trillion. Miller noted it is important that a student realize they don’t want to be a physical therapist before they spend time studying to become one and then have to change their major.

Instead, Miller asked if there is a way the school could partner with businesses, allow students to spend time with those doing what they are considering as a career and then help them make better decisions about their options.

Dickson said there are some things done right now, such as job shadows and term papers about prospective careers, but not every student is expected to participate in them.

Superintendent John Dilling notes there is a lot being done such as STEM to help students learn about their possible careers, but a lot more could be done. He suggested perhaps a student led initiative would get more students involved.