Sinkhole closes freeway entrance

EAST LIVERPOOL – The Second Street ramp onto state Route 30/39 is closed to traffic until further notice after a large sinkhole suddenly appeared at the edge of the roadway Wednesday afternoon, and officials are warning the public to stay away from the site.

Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell said city street workers had made multiple trips past that area throughout the day, hauling materials from Second Street and there was nothing noticeably different about the berm of the road.

Then, on a trip back up the ramp, workers discovered a gaping hole had opened up which Estell estimated measures about 10-feet wide and at least 25- to 30-feet deep.

“We don’t know how much deeper it may be, because we don’t know where the material is,” Estell said, saying it cannot be seen from the edge.

“You can’t get too close to the edge without putting yourself into danger,” he cautioned, saying it is obvious that the surface was continuing to erode last night and emphasizing it is crucial that people stay away from the area.

Employees have blocked the entrance ramp so no traffic can enter, and the Ohio Department of Transportation was contacted.

An ODOT representative took photos and sent them to the district office, and Estell said he expects to meet with ODOT officials today to discuss what can be done to repair the sinkhole.

Meanwhile, there will be no access to state routes 30/39 from Second Street, and traffic will have to reach that area by using state Route 11.