Lisbon band seeks boost

LISBON – The David Anderson High School band has more than doubled, and the booster club would like to build off that momentum by having a concession stand at War Memorial Stadium.

Band booster club representative Casey Davis attended last week’s school board meeting to report the marching band will have 55 members this fall, up from 26 last year.

While the booster club was obviously pleased, Davis said with increased membership comes increased expenses, which is why they are asking for permission to have a concession stand for football games at the stadium to help raise funds for the organization.

She estimated they need a minimum of $3,000 a year to cover basic operating expenses, such as transporting equipment to away football games and band competitions, repairing instruments and hosting the annual band banquet. The booster club also purchased new band uniforms this year, and Davis said they had to rely greatly on donations from numerous local service clubs and organizations.

Davis believes there is a need for a second concession stand given the lines at the only concession stand at the football stadium, which is operated by the junior class to raise money for the prom. There were once two concession stands, but the sophomore class gave up its stand when the stadium was renovated.

Band boosters currently operate concession stands at the junior high volleyball, basketball and football games, although Davis said they would be willing to give up the basketball concession stand in exchange for a spot at the football stadium.

According to a survey of 12 other school districts in the county or just over the border, 10 have more than one concession stand at their football stadiums, Davis said.

The proposed concession stand would be a party tent, which the booster club would remove at the end of the football season.

The board took no action on the request and told Davis the club needed to meet with school administrators to draft a formal proposal for them to consider.

“The object is you need additional funds, and I wouldn’t presume to argue against that,” said board member Gene Gallo, but he wanted to see something in writing.

School Treasurer Cindy Altomare said some of the club’s expenses may be less than they believe. For example, the district is responsible for repairing band instruments purchased by the board, not the booster club. Likewise, the district is also responsible for transporting band equipment, which would save them $1,700.

Gallo encouraged Davis come back with a concrete plan for them to consider. “We’re happy you got the double the number of kids, and we don’t want to stifle that,” he said.

During the meeting, the board reappointed Aimee Little as band director and Anna Dunn as assistant director, along with Deb Fonner as chorus director and Jonathan Kurish as a band volunteer.

“These are the people responsible for rebuilding band membership,” said Superintendent Joe Siefke.