Beaver school board handles personnel matters

LISBON – Personnel matters dominated the Beaver Local Board of Education regular meeting on Monday.

They included a pair of rehirings of retired employees, Leslie Gabbert, an English teacher at the high school, and Cathleen Keenan, a language arts teacher at the middle school.

Supplemental contracts were approved for Eric Lowe, sports program coordinator; Brian Taylor, assistant soccer coach; Steve Mercer and Charles Dolnosich, assistant high school football coaches; Nathan Harper, middle school football coach; and Kelly Jones, cross country coach.

One supplemental contract was rescinded. Ed Rankin, assistant high school football coach, opted out of the coming season for personal reasons, according to Superintendent Kent Polen. “That was all his choice,” he said. Polen stressed that Rankin was popular with the players, but a scheduling conflict arose making his participation impossible.

“Something came up where he couldn’t coach. He couldn’t commit the time this year,” Polen said.

In district food service, supplemental contracts were approved for coordinator Joy Bock, and workers Tammy Fox (high school), Pam Barrett (Calcutta), Karen Hickman (Rogers) and Sue Baumgarner (West Point).

A group of change orders for the K-12 school construction project were approved. They included an added $6,012 for a change in joist sizes in the student dining area, $2704 for joist seat extensions and $6,354 for additional bearing plates to handle the adjustment.

A trio of deductions were also among the changes. The decision was made to skip the prime coat on the parking lot as it exists now, for a deduction of $35,000 off the site package total. Polen says this step will be undertaken later in the construction process. A sum of $7,074 was deducted from the undercut allowance, which Polen defined as providing for extra backfill in case substandard soil had been discovered somewhere on the site during the early stages. The lack of sod lining in the drain swales resulted in a $9,013 deduction, with the idea to lay the sod to be revisited later.

In other business, the board approved renewal of an agreement with the Mahoning County Educational Service Center to provide school psychology services at a cost of $101,821.