At least 15 percent should be glad they took PSA blood test

LISBON – Of the 100 men who had a prostate cancer screening conducted at the annual event at County Board of Health, Nurse Barb Knee said 15 were found to have abnormal results.

One of the men even wrote a card to the staff, thanking them for the service. Knee showed the note to board members, adding it’s not just the staff who provides this well-used service, it’s also the board members.

Knee also noted the cancer detection clinic opened on Aug. 2, 1965 at the health department. A woman who always utilizes the clinic for the mammogram and pap exam offered by the clinic recently told Knee she has used the clinic for 49 years.

The clinic is supported by a tax levy, which was renewed in 2011 by voters for 10 years. The board certified the amount of the levy on Wednesday. It will bring in $197,600 this year.

In other matters:

– The board awarded the final project, which will use 2011-2012 funds from the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund. The project will fix a septic issue and was awarded to ACT Excavating, with the understanding it will be completed by July 30 when the money will no longer be available. ACT Excavating was the lone bidder at $5,475.

– A new alarm system has been installed at the county health department, allowing employees to warn others in the building in case of an emergency. One of the two alarms will cause an immediate lockdown of the building.

– A variance was approved for Bethesda Presbyterian Church near Hanoverton, which has a methane mitigation system to remove the gas from well water at the facility. The casing is supposed to be 25feet below the surface, but is only 18 feet below. However, Lori Barnes, environmental director, said the water has been tested and has no issues with bacteria.

– Board members agreed to pay a bill for those who conducted an audit of the health department’s books.