Vanguard targets 2nd well

LISBON – A new drilling site permit is being sought for Columbiana County, this time in Butler Township.

Vanguard Oil & Gas LLC filed a permit last month with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to drill on the Cooper unit off Whinnery Road.

This brings to 79 the number of new drilling sites in the county since the oil and shale gas boom began four years ago. Of the 79 drilling sites, 64 are permitted by Chesapeake Exploration.

This is Vanguard’s second site permit in the county, with the other also in Butler Township.

Following is a list of drilling sites by township: Butler, 6; Center, 7; Elkrun, 7; Fairfield, 6; Franklin, 9; Hanover, 14; Knox, 4; Madison, 2; Middleton, 6; Salem, 6; Unity, 3; Washington, 4; Wayne, 1; West, 2; and Yellow Creek, 2.

The only townships without any permits remain Liverpool, Perry and St. Clair.

There are more than 100 permitted wells in various stages of production at these drilling sites, 33 of which are producing.

Following is a list producing wells by township: Knox, 1; West, 4; Franklin, 4; Han-over, 8; Madison, 3; Washington, 1; Fairfield, 1; Elkrun, 2; Center, 6; and Salem, 3.