Trustees talk dust control

WEST POINT-Madison Township Trustees are taking a hard look at the budget to determine how much they can spend on dust control this summer.

Trustee Chairman Glen Smith said Wednesday the township had spent about $60,000 on its recently completed yearly chip-and-seal program, leaving limited funds for dust control. He noted the township did not perform dust control last year, and he had received complaints.

According to Smith’s own calculations, the township would be able to treat about 5 miles of roadway at a cost of about $25,000. However, Fiscal Officer Tiffany Chetock told trustees the township only has about $17,000 available for dust control.

Chetock suggested trustees narrow down the number of roads they wished to be included, while also making sure it fits within the current budget.

Trustees tabled the issue, while also agreeing to determine which roadways are in need of the treatment.

In other business:

* Trustees voted to reject the lone bid received for the construction of the new township garage and meeting building.

* Trustees discussed replacing the weathered signs which tell motorist they are entering Madison Township. It was agreed to check the cost of new “welcome” signs by contacting several sign retailers.