Salute the troops

Members of the Middleton Fish and Game Club held a program, “Salute the Troops,” during its recent BB league night. Each family was asked to make up a care package to be sent to soldiers on deployment. More than 100 care boxes were collected, and the club will be purchasing items to fill 50 more and send them to the reserve base in Vienna to be shipped out.

Military guests there with to help in the efforts were Sg.t Thomas Clunen, Army National Guard; 1SG Calvin Marshall, Air Force; and Sgt. Michael Tucker, LCpl. John Desantis and Cpo Gary Rose of the Marine Corps.

Sally Mahon, co-chairwoman of the BB gun league along with Melania Adams, said it was a big night for the children. They did their regular rounds of shooting and they learned the proper way to salute, and what that salute means.

Each kid then put their salute into action by taking the care package boxes up to the soldiers and saluting the soldier their accepting boxes, and as a thank you the soldiers then saluted them back.