More streets will be paved

EAST LIVERPOOL – Several more neighborhood streets have been added to the list of those that will be resurfaced this summer with proceeds from a 5-mill street levy recently passed by voters.

City Council’s street committee met June 5 and mulled over a list of neighborhood streets most council members had provided as the ones they believed were most in need of attention.

After considerable debate, about a baker’s dozen were chosen to be paved with a variety of different methods.

At that time, council members believed they had about $90,000 to work with, which constitutes 2 mills of the levy funds after 3 mills were earmarked as matching funds for a major resurfacing project for Fifth, Sixth, Walnut and Parkway this summer.

However, Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell explained Monday, “We made plans to pay for (the downtown paving project) with those 2 mills, taking two years and part of a third year to repay (a loan that was secured). However, the loan obtained is for five years, so part of the 2 mills is still available these first two years, and council is taking advantage of the savings on those matching funds to pave additional streets.”

This means instead of $90,000, council has $174,500 to use toward neighborhood street repaving, Estell reported, stressing that street crews have already been doing little else but patching streets this summer, although a crew, a truck and a chipper were sent last week to help out in Lisbon when it was struck by a devastating storm.

Again using a list prepared by Estell showing the length and width and estimated costs of each type of resurfacing material, council members on Monday had to make the difficult decision of which streets took precedent over others, knowing that all city streets need attention.

While Councilman Ray Perorazio lobbied for work on Beechwood Street, which is located in his ward, Estell pointed out that Perorazio had not included that in his original list of streets needing attention, saying it was not measured because of that and that to do so now will delay the project at least a week.

Committee Chairman Scott Barrett said, “We were asked to (provide street names) in the beginning and no one picked (Beechwood), so I say leave it off.”

Perorazio argued that the street is bad and needs done, but Barrett reminded him, “Then it should have been put on your list.”

Councilman Sherrie Curtis suggested doing other streets in the Beechwood area that were on the list this year and doing Beechwood next year, which is ultimately what happened, with Haywood and Reynolds included.

Council members had agreed at the last meeting to resurface Ninth Street from the overpass to Dresden Avenue and decided at Monday’s session to add the rest of the busy thoroughfare from Dresden to St. Clair Avenue, although it was one of the pricier additions.

When all was said and done, the additional streets that will be resurfaced are:

– Andrews from Etruria to Cleveland

– Ashbaugh and Olnhausen

– Barth Alley

– Ceramic Street

– Haywood from Vernia to Beechwood

– Haywood from Beechwood to the end

– Logan

– Oak from North to Ephraim

-Oak from Ephraim to Indiana

– Orchard Grove from Jennings to Anderson

– Reynolds Street

– Virginia from Saint George to Ohio Avenue

– Walter from Pennsylvania to Holliday

– Walter from Holliday to Etruria.

Work began Monday on the downtown project, although nothing visible to the naked eye, with Estell saying the proper reports had to be made first to utility companies before any digging begins.

Today, he expects equipment and other construction materials to move in, with grinding to start Thursday, which will necessitate some parking restrictions throughout the project.

The plan is to keep either Fifth or Sixth street open for parking at all times while the other is closed for work, and Estell said the construction company will do its best to notify vehicle owners when street closings are planned.

Work on Parkway will begin once the downtown street paving is completed.