Leetonia also hit by storm

LEETONIA- The village had to deal with aftermath of a storm burst Wednesday night, with numerous trees falling and closing off roadways, but officials were counting their blessings Thursday.

“Compared to Lisbon we were very, very lucky,” said Sue Simpson, Shade Tree commissioner. “My heart really goes out to them.”

According to Village Administrator Gary Phillips, upward of a dozen trees fell or had large limbs twisted off during the storm, but no homes or vehicles were damaged.

Two trees fell down on High Street, where four homes were without power at the intersection of Walnut Street after the trees took down power and utility lines, and four trees came down at the coke ovens- two uprooting and two others snapping off. Simpson said three or four additional trees at the coke ovens will have to be removed due to damage sustained from the falling trees.

Phillips said streets had to be closed past 10 p.m. for crews to clean up debris and the stabilize the roadways, including Main Street at the coke ovens, High Street between Main and Chestnut streets and Chestnut and Walnut streets, and Main Street Extension. He said that High Street between Walnut and Chestnut streets remained closed on Thursday after power had been restored, but cable and telephone lines had not been repaired.