Hoax dogs Salem cruise

SALEM – City hall has received four phone calls, three from companies and one from a Youngstown television station, checking to confirm if the 2014 Super Cruise will be held.

The companies said they received calls from someone identifying themselves as Service Safety Director Ken Kenst advising them to come and pick up their equipment because the cruise was canceled.

The companies called to check and were told the event is still on, Kenst said Thursday.

One call was made to the manager of the Salem Arby’s restaurant, and Mayor John Berlin said whoever called there identified himself as a Salem police officer named Jason and warned the restaurant they weren’t allowed to park on the grass or they would be ticketed.

Berlin said he was unsure if that kicked it up into impersonating a police officer, which is a felony offense.

He was surprised by the calls and discussed the issue with Police Chief J.T. Panezott.

The city received two calls on Wednesday, one from the Canton company supplying the 30 port-a-jons and one from the company furnishing tents.

On Thursday, Allied Waste, which distributed 75 trash bins around the city called city hall along with the Youngstown station WFMJ wanting to know what was going on.

On its website, WFMJ said it “received an email from someone purporting to be Kenst, notifying us that the cruise would not be held.”

He said whoever is making the calls probably got the numbers off the equipment around the city to know where to call.

The station said Kenst’s name was misspelled “Keinst” in the email and that a Twitter account had been created to announce the cancellation.

The bogus Twitter account is in Kenst’s name and shows three tweets that were posted at approximately 1 p.m. Thursday:

@21WFMJNews imposters, there are 37 group members for the original super nats in which the city still owes money to.

@21WFMJNews pleas announce that the salem super cruise has been cancelled, crews are working now to clean up porta-johns, trash cans.

@21WFMJNews salem super cruise is cancelled for june 19, 20, 21, 22 numerous cancellations with bands and other shows.