Engineer will repair 127 miles of road

LISBON – The Columbiana County Engineer’s Office will resurface 127 miles of roads this year, which is the same amount resurfaced in 2013.

“We’re consistent, if anything else,” said Bob Durbin, chief deputy county engineer.

The breakdown for each category of resurfacing is also nearly the same, with 114 miles being resurfaced with chip seal and 13.4 miles resurfaced with hot-mix asphalt, or black top, as it is more commonly known. The cost is a combined $3.3 million.

The engineer’s office has resurfaced 110 to 120 miles of roads annually on average during the 23 years Durbin has worked for the county. How many miles exactly depends on funding available during any given year from the county, state and, sometimes, the federal government.

For instance, several years ago the county was able to resurface 44 miles with black top after obtaining $4 million in federal funding through the Ohio Department of Transportation. There is no such source of additional resurfacing funding this year.

Black top roads costs $140,000 per mile, compared to $17,000 per mile for roads resurfaced using chip seal, which is why the county does significantly more miles using the latter.

In addition to resurfacing county roads, the engineer’s office also helps villages and townships with their resurfacing. The villages and townships pay for the material, with the engineer’s office doing the work for free.

Durbin is just glad the cost of emulsion asphalt actually declined, which allowed the county to maintain the same resurfacing schedule as last year. The bids for the material, which is used in both resurfacing methods, came in this year at $1.99 per gallon, compared to $2.01 in 2013.

This is a far cry from the mid 2000s, when the cost of emulsion asphalt rose 30 percent to 40 percent over several years, forcing the county to cut back on the number of miles.

Durbin said they also continue with the “double seal” of some chip seal roads resurfaced in more populated rural areas. This consists of a layer of larger slag, followed by a overlay of smaller stone to fill in the gaps and smooth out the surface. He said they cannot do this for every road because the smaller stone costs twice as much per ton as the larger slag.

The following is the list of roads to be surfaced using black top:

County Roads

Columbiana-Lisbon, Hunston, Salem Grange and Crestview roads.

Madison Township

Township Line and Fife Coal roads.

Perry Township

Brooklyn Street and Hampton Place.

St. Clair Township

Amarillo Avenue, Laredo Drive and Rosetta Lane.

The following are those roads being resurfaced with chip seal:

Butler Township

Coffee School, Hartley and Cider Mill roads.

Center Township

Trinity Church, Lisbon-Dungannon and Black roads.

Elkrun Township

Bear Hollow, Greenwood, Carlisle, Dutchtown School, Leslie, Darner and Lower Elkton roads.

Fairfield Township

Sponseller Road, Redpath Drive, Edward Circle, Madison Avenue, Cherry Fork Road, Beeson Mill Road, High Street, Fork Road, Crestview Road and Old Fourteen.

Hanover Township

Randel and Richey School roads.

Knox Township

Buck, Hartley, Hanselman, Mountz and Westville roads.

Liverpool Township

Stagecoach Road, Fisher Road, Cain Street, Crestview, Monticello Place, Andrews Avenue, Hill Boulevard, Milton Avenue, Midway Lane, Curry Street, Manor Lane, Lang Street, Park Boulevard East and Dewey Avenue Extension.

Madison Township

Applegate, Cusick, Guy, Roller Coaster and Elkton-West Point roads.

Middleton Township

Echo Dell, Carmel Achor, Union Ridge, Scott Mill, Dyke and Yeager roads.

Perry Township

Egypt and Painter roads.

Salem Township

Sheely, St. Jacob, Longs Crossing, Lisbon, Butcher, Cunningham and Farrington roads.

St. Clair Township

Birch and Ware roads.

Unity Township

Padgett, Adams, Carbon Hill, Failer and Parker roads and Pleasant Drive.

West Township

Lynchburg, Lindesmith, Hadley and Waterford roads.

East Palestine

Highland, South Walnut, West Martin, Vine, Thomas, East, East Grant and Park Circle.


Haessley Road/Salem Street, Plymouth Street and Clinton Street.

New Waterford

Creek, Allendale and Hatcher roads.


Wood, South, Wilson, Wine, Vignon and Peach alleys.

County Roads

Gavers, Lindesmith, Hadley and Waterford roads.