Thompson Park pool expected to open in June

EAST LIVERPOOL – With hard work, perseverance and the usual help from the community, Mayor Jim Swoger is confident the municipal pool will be open by the first week of June.

“We’re looking for a good year again,” he said this week, saying the problem will be keeping the water warm with temperatures still in the 40s during the evening hours.

The mayor has spent countless hours, as usual, pressure washing the pool’s interior, helped on a recent weekend by members of Boyce United Methodist Church, who he commended for their hard work.

Painting was expected to take place this weekend and Monday, after which the paint needs to “cure” five days before the pool can be filled, Swoger explained.

His wife, Amy, spent Thursday night painting the concession stand and preparing it for the summer, and employees have been brought back from last year.

All pricing will remain the same as last year: Students up to 18, $2; 18 and over, $3; student passes, $25 all summer; adult passes, $35 all summer; family pass (two adults, up to three children), $75; family pass (two adults, more than three children), $100.

Swoger said only one thing remains to make the opening official: An elderly resident who insists on stopping by his office annually and personally handing him a $20 bill toward the pool’s operation.

“I don’t know if she has it to give, but every time you lose your confidence that it’s going to work, somebody comes through and makes it worth it.”