Rogers delays paving for a year

ROGERS – There will be no tag day in town to raise money for resurfacing village streets badly in need of repair following an unusually harsh winter.

Instead, Village Council will scrap the resurfacing plan altogether after learning at last week’s meeting there is an additional cost that would make the work unaffordable this year.

Councilman Tom Chambers suggested at the April meeting holding a tag day as one of the ways to raise the additional $100 or so they thought was needed to reach the $5,000 goal believed needed to resurface some streets and alleys this summer as part of the county engineer’s chip seal program. Under the program, villages and townships purchase the material while the engineer’s office does the work.

At last week’s meeting, Chambers reported he found out it would cost another $2,000 to prepare the streets to be resurfaced, increasing the price tag to an unattainable $7,000.

“I don’t think we have the money to do it,” he said.

This was confirmed by Fiscal Officer Dale Davis, who said they currently only have $5,100 available in two funds that can be used to resurface village streets, and the next large infusion of revenue in the form of property tax collections will not arrive until fall.

Rather than scale back the project, Chambers suggested they hold off until next year, when they might be in better financial shape. In the meantime, Homer Carnes, the village’s part-time street maintenance person, said he will use road grindings to fill as many potholes as possible.