Pay raises approved for Lisbon workers

LISBON – Village employees would receive a 1.5 percent pay raise under an ordinance passed on first reading during this week’s Village Council meeting.

The pay raise legislation was recommended by council’s finance committee, and was passed on first reading without any discussion. It must be passed at two more meetings before it takes effect.

Employees last received a pay raise in February 2013, when a 3 percent increase was approved by council. That was the first across-the-board pay raise since 2008.

The raise would apply to the 22 full-time and 15-20 part-time workers, according to Fiscal Officer Tracey Wonner, who has yet to calculate how much the increase will cost the village.

In other action, Councilman Joe Morenz asked for and received approval to install a do-it-yourself sun-powered heating system for the community swimming pool. Water passing through coiled hose on the roof of the pool building will be heated by the sun before being discharged into the pool.

Morenz had been looking for a cheap solution, which he believes can be done for less than $500, compared to $6,000 if a commercial system was purchased.

“I really want to see this done, and I’ll donate $300,” he said.

Council took Morenz up on his offer and agreed to contribute $200 to the project.

Morenz and park manager Dana Houlette also expressed their thanks to Phil Bartholomew and members of his youth ministry who clean up the Play Town playground almost every evening.

“It’s awesome when people help us,” Morenz said.

They also thanked the local Eagles club for donating $1,000 toward the upkeep of Play Town, with Morenz noting that the Eagles has a history of contributing to the park and pool.

Morenz also reported that Scott Dunn of RAA Services offered to provide free WiFi service at the pool for the summer in exchange for $50 and a free pool party. Council agreed to the deal and authorized purchasing a wireless router to make it happen.

Council also:

– Hired Glenda K. Berresford of Negley and Steven A. Stachowski Jr. of East Liverpool as part-time dispatchers for the police department. They are replacing two part-timers who recently quit.

– Purchased four portable radios for the police department from Interstate Communications & Electronics of Beaver, Pa., for $1,504. They are replacing four radios that can no longer be used due to a change in FCC regulations. They are being donated to the county Emergency Management Agency.

– Agreed to purchase 20 gallons of paint for $496 to paint the swimming pool building, with the work to be done by Houlette and high school students who are volunteering their time.