Palestine school board accepts bus driver’s resignation

EAST PALESTINE – The resignation of a district bus driver was accepted quickly and quietly Thursday by the East Palestine Board of Education, and Superintendent George Fisk declined to explain why.

The board went into executive session after opening the special meeting at 5 p.m. and returned 16 minutes later to act on the resignation of Kateri Simon.

Simon began her employment with the district in October of 1995 and her resignation is retroactive to Monday. She was most recently employed as a full-time bus driver and elementary lunch aide.

A copy of the voluntary resignation agreement was provided, as well as two signed and dated documents from Simon declaring she was resigning the position and would not attempt to have the resignation revoked, although she does have that right for up to seven days after its effective date, it stated.

Under the agreement Simon is not entitled to any further compensation or benefits from the board following the effective date, although she will be paid $3,027 for accrued pay for the remainder of this school year and continue to receive benefits through May 31.

Simon waived the right to pursue any action, claim or grievance against the board and the district, according to the agreement, and the district has agreed to provide a letter of employment to any of her potential employers.

Simon may not re-apply for a position with the district, the agreement also stated.

When asked for comment after the meeting Fisk only said, “We have an amazing group of bus drivers that are concerned about the safety of our kids.”

The now vacant full-time position will be posted internally first. There are eight full-time bus drivers employed by the district and they run eight routes each day.