New Waterford will study trash pickup

NEW WATERFORD – Village Council will study a proposed change to garbage pickups in the village.

Solicitor Walter Newton said a representative from the CCH Solid Waste District would be willing to make a presentation on a curbside recycling program and trash collection.

The village has three recycling dumpsters and Councilwoman Doris Ogle said they are full “all the time.”

The village also currently has eight companies collecting trash and Mayor Shane Patrone and a couple council members complained about the big trucks tearing up the village streets. Village Administrator Fred Fink said all the trucks are full-sized.

As far as limiting the number of trucks, truck size and pickup hours, Newton said the licensing, restricted hours and insurance requirements required study.

He suggested holding a public hearing to give service providers a chance to come in “so you can decide which way you want to go.”

He said Leetonia discussed the idea years ago and decided against regulating trash haulers.

Newton said, “I think with the first bidding you’re always worried about the big guys coming in and knocking everyone out with a low bid” and later raising it.

Patrone said, “There are some options with that” and Councilman Tom Cresanto asked about how it would be paid.

Patrone said they have different rates and explained the big thing is limiting the truck size and the hours of pick-ups so they don’t interfere with traffic or school bus operations.

Patrone said there are eight or nine trucks a week.

“Why not two or three?” Or, council could look at the one carrier bid option.

If it saves residents money, “including us,” Patrone said, then council can adopt the opt-out program. “If not we’ll look at the truck size.”

He added, “I think it would be a good thing,” noting that if they have a large group of people they can get a better rate.

“This is something that’s been an issue for years,” he said, “you’re (garbage trucks) killing our roads … they may not like that … they’re flying around our roads in these big trucks.”

Fink said trucks come from other communities and may be full by the time they arrive in New Waterford.

“So, we’ll start the process,” Patrone said and the representative from the CCH can address the recycling issue.

In other business, council voted 5-0, with Councilman Ken Biddle an excused absence, to say the Lord’s Prayer before council meetings.

Patrone said a recent U.S. Supreme Court said a ceremonial prayer was acceptable as part of the opening of a public meeting. Patrone said they didn’t want to exclude anyone and if a member of the public objected or wanted another prayer they are welcome to “come to council.”

Cresanto made the motion that from “this day forward” an opening prayer would be said.

Fink said he received the Amish buggy warning signs and expected to begin installing them soon.

The village chip and seal program is scheduled to begin on July 31 on Creek, Allendale and Hatcher roads while two layers will be placed on the parking lot at the plant using No. 8 limestone. The village cleanup is May 19-26.

Patrone said there is no grant money available through the EMA for a community building generator.

A generator had been proposed so the building could become an emergency warming center in the winter.