ELO man not fit for trial

LISBON – An East Liverpool man will be treated by mental health experts at Heartland Behavioral Healthcare in Massillon following a competency hearing before Judge C. Ashley Pike on Friday afternoon in Common Pleas Court.

Leonard Coursin, 62, Henry Avenue, East Liverpool, was recently evaluated by someone through the Forensic Psychiatric Center, and Pike read from a letter to the court which stated Coursin is unable to understand what is happening in court proceedings and unable to assist his attorney, Charley Kidder, in his own defense.

Coursin asked to make a statement at the hearing during which he told Pike he has been reading lawbooks and believed he has been falsely arrested. He demanded to see his police files and claimed the police did not follow the books when they arrested him.

“If I had murdered someone they would have to let me go because of what I know now,” Coursin said.

He asked Pike to look up specific parts of Ohio Revised Code, dealing with false police reports. He also claimed his right to a speedy trial has been violated, because his case must be brought to trial within 90 days and he has been incarcerated for 131 days.

Coursin expressed a concern about the federal government having to pay for him while he is incarcerated, adding he believes this is why the national deficit is so high. In actuality the county pays for the incarceration of individuals at the county jail.

Pike told Coursin he is going to send him for some treatment and an evaluation, while Coursin requested there be an investigation on some of the things he brought up.

Coursin is charged with breaking and entering and having weapons under disability. A rifle, a flare gun modified to shoot shotgun shells and a spear created from a kitchen knife, duct tape and a wooden pole were reportedly found in Coursin’s home.

According to accounts from the day he was arrested in January, East Liverpool police found him barricaded in his bathroom with a rifle nearby when they entered his house to execute a search warrant.

A neighbor had reported to police that Coursin had stolen items from his garage, prompting police to obtain a search warrant for his home. According to police, the neighbor saw Coursin wheeling a compressor and other equipment from his garage while he had a rifle strapped to his back making the neighbor reluctant to confront him.

Police had broken through two different doors in the home with a battering ram before getting to Coursin at the time.