Dog park plan gathering support in Palestine

EAST PALESTINE – A little less than an acre at Village Park that is not being used is being targeted by the village for a dog park, and the East Palestine Rotary has committed to funding its creation.

Councilman and Park Board member Alan Cohen said the board is in favor of the park being created in the grassy area beyond the brick pavilion, and Village Manager Pete Monteleone and other members of council have also shown an interest.

The park can be created with Monteleone’s approval, no vote from council is required, Cohen said, although Monteleone will likely ask for their input.

“It’s a really nice location, it’s a really gorgeous spot. It’s an area of the park that doesn’t get used because it’s so far out of the way and that is probably and advantage for having a dog park there,” Cohen said after the Tuesday council meeting.

The Rotary’s funding will cover the cost of a fence to have that area enclosed, which will be the biggest part of the cost, he added.

The village’s existing ordinance prohibits dogs from being brought into the 100-acre park, although dogs on a leash are allowed on the 3-mile community trail that passes through the park land.

Council began considering the creation of a dog park in 2012 and Councilman Don Elzer wished to thank the Rotary for getting on board.

“People don’t realize how much work the Rotary does in town,” he said.

Cohen said cost estimates have not been given at this point.

In other business, the village pool will open later than anticipated due to several leaks as a result of the harsh winter, Monteleone said.

The pool will not open until after school is out and the repairs are estimated to cost $4,830, he added.

He also said a post winter inspection for this year has already been scheduled to ensure the same thing will not happen again, and a liner will be installed in the pool in the future if any grant funding is obtained.

The village is also working on being proactive about water loss through its system and Monteleone is looking into the cost of having a leak detector company come in to assess the full 28 miles of lines for leaks and repairing as they go, he said.

Water and Wastewater Superintendent John Jurjavcic said it typically costs $750 a day.

The lines were checked in some areas before the winter weather kicked in but the full system had not been assessed, he added.

Council then approved:

– A first reading of legislation authorizing Monteleone to accept bids and award a contract for a new water well. The village’s water plant currently has three wells and Jurjavcic said the new well will help support that system. It will be a 600-gallon well located away from the existing ones.