The catch of the day: jewelry

HIGHLANDTOWN – A Lisbon man fishing in Highlandtown Lake on Sunday may have reeled in his most unusual catch of the year already.

Warren Garwood, Black Road, reportedly cast his line about 45 feet off shore and snagged something. He reeled the item to shore and found it to be a pillowcase with a knot tied in the open end.

Cutting the pillowcase open, Garwood found it to be full of jewelry.

Garwood called the sheriff’s office to report his catch to deputies, who met him at the parking lot just off Osbourne Road on the north side of the lake.

Sheriff Ray Stone said the items were brought to the sheriff’s office and are in the process of being cleaned up. Covered in mud and possibly underneath the water for some time, at this point Detective Jeff Haugh told Stone he believes most of the items to be costume jewelry and old watches.

The items are being photographed and checked to see if any seem to be items reported stolen from homes in the area. Stone said someone may have sorted through stolen items, pulled out anything valuable and threw what remained into the lake.

Stone added it is possible they have been under the water for a long time because the chances of someone just snagging them are very low.